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Long ago, a gypsy read Julia’s palm and told her, "You better write this all down." Ok, so it was an extremely intuitive teacher dressed as a Gypsy at a Halloween party, but the advice still stuck. Julia has been writing, writing, writing ever since.

Julia lives in the countryside near Saint Louis with her beloved husband and an ever growing zoo of winged and furred wards. She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Art and has traveled the world extensively. For all her rambles, Santa Fe, NM still retains the crown as her favorite dot on the map.

Smashwords Interview

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been a storyteller since I was a child. When my mother would read me books at bedtime I would demand we make up new stories with the characters; we’d take turns narrating. A 10 page children’s book could easily turn into an hour long affaire. And I think as an only child, I’ve always used story telling as a means of amusing myself. I had no siblings or children neighbors to speak of. It all probably stemmed from my array of imaginary friends and our adventures had playing in the woods nearby my house. But I didn’t really start writing things down until later, maybe age twelve or thirteen? I started filling notebooks and hard drive space around that time. I remember at a Halloween party a fortune teller (ie an art teacher with a super sensitive intuition of the adolescent soul, a really amazing lady) told me two things: I needed to be nicer, and that the words inside me were about to explode, and I needed to write it all down. Both items of advice I like to think I took to heart. The characters of Dakota and Diego came about around my sophomore/junior year of high school. I guess I was 15-16? They’ve been my companions ever since, and have evolved quite a bit from their first incarnations. The first drafts are amusing and painful. I should probably burn them.
What are your influences?
I suppose looking back to a young age, I can blame my Daddy for my chief literary interests. I grew up with westerns and vampires constantly playing on the TV, and the same ilk on our bookshelves. Clint Eastwood movies stick out particularly in my memory, as well as Jesse James movies, and the many Dracula films to have come down through the years.

Both my parents were travelers, but I think I get that gypsy impulse from my Mamma. That desire to go and go and keep going, just to see what else there is ahead. We would go on road trips together often, just the two of us. She taught me the art of being a curious and courageous little woman. But I’ll never be as scary as her. Haha. We saw Santa Fe together for the first time, and obviously the town left a favorable impression. We’ve returned several times. I always thought I would end up there someday, until engagement and ownership of a small "farm" here in Missouri ensued. Which is absolutely fabulous. But my darling and I are young yet. Who knows? Until then, I’ll content myself with writing about the Land of Enchantment.

My worldwide travels, the places and people I’ve known, have shaped a great deal of my writing, as they have shaped me. Most Americans travel in terms of weeks, but in college and after graduation I would leave for months on end, steadily turning my mother’s hair steely gray. Ha. I spent a lot of time in Asia and the southern Americas, from Peru up to Mexico, and some parts of Europe too. France, Spain, and Norway all left their mark particularly, as you can probably tell by the characters in my book. I have an uncle and aunt who vacation in France often, and my memories of our adventures together there are some of my absolute dearest. They’ve really given me the world a thousand times over.
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    Move over, Marvel Comics franchise, there's a new game in town... I loved this book, it was fun, courageous, and finally someone is doing our beloved Trickster the justice he deserves! Gockel's prose is witty, intelligent, and a pleasure to read. I devoured this in 2 days and can't wait to continue the series.
  • Blood Bond (Cora's Choice #5) on Aug. 18, 2014

    I started reading this series on Scribd and have been devouring it the past month, it's quite good and has exceeded all my expectations (i.e. the covers made me a little leery...I'm sorry, I had to say it! :) ). I hope its ok, but I’m doing a rather blanket review of the first 5 installments here… I have this little problem. I LOVE a good no-holds-barred steamy love story, but I cannot STAND romance books because the characters/plot almost always lack depth. Not a problem to be found here, and thank you! Dorien is everything we want in a vampire and more: dark, handsome, sophisticated, intelligent, rich, a leader in his community, absolutely infuriating, and by the way he’s out to revolutionize the vampire world as we know it…yes! Cora is a brilliant university student who is struck by terminal cancer, and Dorian is her only hope for survival. She didn’t know exactly what she was signing up for when she chose a last resort one in one hundred chance for life (and let’s face it, even with all the facts, unless you’re maybe Gandhi, that’s the choice any of us would make). I relate to her, root for her, and care about her fate, which is a feat in a heroine I absolutely applaud! The world and tribulations within Ms. Black has created is original without being utterly unrecognizable, something I very much appreciate in a fantasy tale. Basically, I’m hooked, and can’t wait to see how Cora will fight to navigate this brave new world without losing herself completely to it. The short installment format is an interesting way to go, instead of a big long book. Each installment is a good story in of itself. The only bad part is that it leaves you wanting MORE at the end. :) A++!
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