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  • A Candlelight Courting: A Short Christmas Romance on Oct. 06, 2012

    This is a beautifully written short story of love found in the most unusual places. Meg or Christina, the name Meg wants to be called is determined to become a nun. She doesn't want to marry Burthred as her parents had arranged in her infancy. Meg is now eighteen and Burthred ten years older is ready to marry. Meg’s father is angered that his only child wants to be a nun. On Christmas Eve, Meg stays in her room praying while everyone is having a joyful Christmas feast. Her father tricks her into coming face to face with Burthred. She has never seen him and up close she can't help be in admiration of his knightly stature, tall and manly. There is a sensitive side that she had not expected from him. They both have secrets they think will make them an ill match. The characters Meg and Burthred are endearing. You feel their doubts and joys as if you knew them. It’s a delightful story and you’re sad that it ends so quickly. A Candlelight Courting is a sweet and lovely tale.
  • Winter Solstice Winter - Book I in the Viking Blood Saga on Nov. 08, 2013

    A dangerous Vikings saga mixed with fantasy folklore; so many profound characters you're quickly invested in the story. Lucia, a princess is raised with all the noble privileges until the Queen dies. Ailia, who is poor and humble can't escape the mares of the night haunting her. The hero, Soren has lived 75 years staying the same age awaiting for his true loves return. With plenty of action and heartache it keeps you reading and wanting to know what will happen next. At the end, Eiess’s massive army is released and the trouble for all those fighting evil is far from over. This was a great story about how true love can even conquer death and when the lovers are finally reunited we witness a kiss so fulfilling you will remember it long after.
  • Heartless on March 10, 2016

    Leandra Harcourt marries a tall dark stranger because she has been abandoned by her step family after her father passes away. She has no where to go. Her husband is mysterious and sexy but doesn't take the marriage vows very serious when he leaves her to attend to business after only being married 2 days. The Duke of Derringer, or as some call him Heartless married Leandra because she is the first woman he meets after he finds out he needs to marry to save his inheritance. Leandra Harcourt is nothing like his other mistresses, she is plan with glasses. He's intrigued as he learns he married someone he can't just bully around. She learns there is much more to the man than just being cruel. This is a wonderful love story, but not only do you get romanced by a Duke, many questions arise. First, what really happened in the death of the Duke's mom and why has it made him so heartless. Now that the Duke inherited his money, who is out to kill him? Will they stop at the Duke? Or by marrying Leandra has he put her life in jeopardy? In the end, things turn deadly. You are holding your breath wondering how it will all turn out. It's a great story of romance and mystery.