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Smashwords book reviews by Julie Wein

  • Don't Shed A Tear on Sep. 24, 2013

    Don’t Shed A Tear is the second in the series of Lola Hussey Mysteries. In this installment, Lola and her partners in a private investigating company take on the case of an up and coming reggae singer, Godfrey, who has been receiving threatening phone calls. After having left an office job that Lola found boring she is finding that her current job is anything but. As the case unfolds, Lola and her partners Joe and Julian realize they will have to go undercover to determine who is making the threatening phone calls that are the center of this investigation. In the course of the investigation, Lola finds herself in a dangerous situation she can’t get out of on her own. With a little help from her fellow PIs, Lola is rescued but pulled off the case as a result. This gripping and suspenseful story is one that easily keeps readers hooked from the first page to the last. Satisfied readers should be sure to look for installment three of the Lola Hussey Mysteries.
  • The First End on Jan. 15, 2016

    The First End is a gripping novel that is impossible for the reader to put down until they have reached its stunning conclusion. The story begins in NYC when the city is suffering through a garbage collector strike in the middle of summer. As the streets of NYC becoming increasingly foul in odor, one lawyer named Bill Gardner becomes embroiled in a struggle with Westend, the garbage collection company whose workers have gone on strike. After the CEO of Westend is unwilling to reach a compromise that satisfies both NYC residents and Westend employees, Bill is forced into the battle of his life.