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After a devastating and crippling disease in 2000, Juliet Cameron fought back. Finding no hope in doctors or the science of their medications, she took to what she knew allowing her challenge to become her greatest drive.
As a certified wellness expert, a professional performer and an activist for healthy global change, The Technique was created after months of deliberation and years of fine tuning. Developed specifically for those who suffer from all types of chronic pain, the goal was simple. The system had to be tried and tested until success was achieved. It turned out to be her most rewarding contribution, changing lives and renewing faith in miracles.
The Technique is a complete program with no gimmicks or profitable objectives attached. Its method empowers those who need to regain their lives with a shift in perspective and a respect for the self.
Juliet has helped thousands of students rebuild and reshape their visions, finding passion in knowledge and a momentum for optimum change. As a professional entertainer and health guru for over two decades, Juliet has performed for celebrities such as Anne Rice, Bobby Brown and the late Peter Steel. Her works have been published in Fibromyalgia Solutions Magazine, The Traverse City Record Eagle and has been a voice for wellness on WSRT’s Mary in the Morning Show. She attests the wisdom of healthy living now in book format in order to reach the masses.
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Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I started writing in grade school. I would create a strory and read to my classmates, who insisted that they wanted to stay inside and hear my story, instead of going outside to play. That was the beginning of my lessons on how to capture an audience.
What do your fans mean to you?
Fans are everything. Without them you don't have a career. So, it 's very important to keep the love of your fans in mind while your writing. I think giving fans a chance to engage in the play of your novels by attending events are important, too. I plan on extending those opportunities so that my fans can gather and experience the magic of the characters and the art of imagination.
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