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  • Ties To The Blood Moon on March 08, 2013

    I enjoy this book tremendously!! I love the plot, the characters, the places and most of all that is about Inuit stories. I like this story because is different and refreshing. It keep you guessing from beginning to end, and then you go "nooo, really? Didn't see that coming" :). Also love the fact that I can share it with my kids and we can enjoy it together. Robin P. Waldrop, did a wonderful job in this book, it is easy to read and get suck in it. This is my first book from this talent author and for sure won't be the last. I totally recommend this book to everyone old and young, big or small, everyone should read it.
  • Shadow of the Blood Moon on April 08, 2013

    shadow of the blood moon, I read this book a couple weeks ago, and couldn't sit down quiet enough to write a review, but finally I got my quiet time, yay me!! Well I LOVE book 1 in this series and started read one right away. I love the story, I love how there is so many things and twist enemies that let you thinking, "I didn't see that coming" and there is a lot of oooohhhs and ahhhs moments. I like how the team come together to fight their no matter what personal issues they have. Here the love triangle still in full roll but with new twists, me, personally like Joseph better then William, still can't trust him ;) but that just me. The only problem I have with this book it is how annoying Gen get, jezz it is a lot of whining and whining for some of her actions and the BAMN! she does it again and the whining started ALL OVER AGAIN!! But beside that it is a great read, can't wait for the next one. Hopefully some of the characters(main character) mature a little. I totally recommend this series, and please read boom 1 before dive into "Shadow of the blood moon" so you can get the full effect.