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Juneta is a native Texan living in Central Florida. She is hanging out with pirates, playing with dolphins and entertaining grumpy old gods by story spinning, tale weaving, fate making, world-creating, mythology bending, star mapping, journey planning, fortune-telling with the power of words.

Juneta was a 911 Emergency Dispatcher for Police/Fire/EMT for 22 years in another life. You can find out more about Juneta here at Writer's Gambit.

Smashwords book reviews by Juneta key

  • Wizard of Ends on Oct. 12, 2014

    A very fun fast pace read YA fantasy that leaves you wanting more story. The great news is there is more story soon to be released in the 2nd installment of the saga. I enjoyed the storytelling very much, but I know series often times leave you craving more and as it grows fulfills the promise of story, character growth making it last that much longer. As one reviewer said, I did get frustrated sometimes by the passive reactions of the hero, but in the end he made up for it, because his reaction were based on his own lack of knowledge of his own skills. It was an interesting take for a new enjoyable hero. I can't wait to see what comes next. This new series holds promise of epic storytelling by an enjoyable writer. I gave it four star, because it feels like one episode of a bigger story, and ends on a cliffhanger, however, it still gave satisfaction. I will be grabbing the next release with anticipation.