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Defiled by the Slime - Beast Slayer Nadine: Volume One (Reluctant Monster Sex Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 7,100. Language: English. Published: May 11, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
When Nadine, succubus and down-on-her-luck bounty hunter, stumbles across a small village plagued by an unknown monster, she smells money. After years of hunting dangerous men, how hard could one little monster bothering some backwater town be? But she soon finds that while her sexual charms might work on the men of the village, they don't do much against a giant slime with tentacles to spare.
The Au Lait Cafe 1 (Lactation and Breastfeeding Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,930. Language: English. Published: April 23, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
When Emily is offered a deal by Matt to test a new drug in exchange for enough money to save her failing cafe, can she afford to say no? After accidentally taking too much, Emily finds the drug has an erotic side-effect. With her breasts swollen and still growing, she calls Matt. However, the treatment may be a little unorthodox...
Lusting for Big Brother Bundle (3 Erotic Stories of Taboo Family Sex)
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 13,900. Language: English. Published: April 6, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Inside this collection you get three of Jussy Young's hottest tales of sibling lust for one reduced price! These lusty little sisters want nothing more than sizzling sex with their BIG brothers! Over 13,500 words of the hottest, taboo action which just might fry your e-reader! You get: Big Brother's Dirty Laundry Can I Sleep With You, Brother? Stretched by Big Brother
Stretched by Big Brother (Taboo Brother Sister Family Sex)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,920. Language: English. Published: April 4, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Horny little Brittany has had the hots for her gym loving step-brother Tyler for years. When her 18th birthday comes along and he doesn't know what to get her, she asks for the one thing she's always wanted: him! Convincing Tyler to be her personal trainer for the week, she plans to show him that she's ready to feel the burn and get stretched in ways she could never imagine.
Big Brother's Dirty Laundry (Taboo Brother Sister Sex Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,390. Language: English. Published: March 27, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Lauren has always secretly lusted after her annoying but sexy older step-brother Andrew. When a contest to see who gets to do laundry first turns into a strip show between the two siblings, Lauren discovers that the feeling may be mutual. Alone and all but naked with Andrew, will Lauren dare to give in to her secret desires?
Can I Sleep With You, Brother? (brother sister taboo sex erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,120. Language: English. Published: March 7, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Stephanie has always had a crush on her step-brother Kyle and now is spending the weekend with him to help her find an apartment in the city. When the city heat gets to be too much for her she decides to see if she can stay the night in her big brother's air conditioned room, but will she find the night can get even hotter?
Breeding Slave for the Tentacle (Alien Tentacle Sex Breeding Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,700. Language: English. Published: February 7, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Farrah is unable to have children but she's given the chance to be healed by a gorgeous, exotic looking alien man. There's just one catch: if she let's him heal her, her first child must be his. Will Farrah let herself be taken by this mysterious alien and more importantly, when he unveils his tentacled surprise will she have any choice but to become his slave?
The Family Picnic: A 3 Book Erotic Bundle (Taboo Family Sex Erotica Bundle)
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 10,530. Language: English. Published: February 1, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
All three taboo stories in "The Family Picnic" series are here in one 10,000 word bundle. Get all three stories of incestuous lust for one reduced price! Guaranteed to turn you on, you'll never look at a family outing the same way again!
Bred By My Cousin (Taboo Family Sex Breeding Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,200. Language: English. Published: February 1, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Amy and her step-cousin Ben have kept their love affair a secret from their families for nearly a year. Now Amy wants Ben's child inside of her. Can she convince Ben to knock up his cousin even if that means being found out by everyone? This 3,000 word short contains graphic sex and breeding in the great outdoors by two sexy 18 year old cousins.
Rough Sex on the Beach (Taboo Mother Son Anal Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,910. Language: English. Published: January 25, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Sexually frustrated Linda wants to take a break from the family picnic and relax by herself on the beach. When her hottie step-son Chase comes with her things on the beach start to get hot. Will Linda succumb to the will of her step-son and let him take her in any way he desires?
Deflowered By Daddy (The Family Picnic: Book One) (Taboo Pseudo-Incest Virgin Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,790. Language: English. Published: January 17, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Mary is an eighteen year old virgin. She just can't bring herself to have sex with boys her age when her ideal man is someone more like...well, her hunky step-father Evan. When left alone with him at the family picnic will she finally get up the nerve and have her daddy pop her cherry? This 3650 word short story contains graphic sex between a nubile 18 year old daughter and her sexy step-dad.
Tamed By Daddy Bundle (3 Taboo Daddy Daughter Sex Stories)
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 14,020. Language: English. Published: January 11, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » Erotica Anthologies
The Tamed By Daddy trilogy collected in one bundle! Follow party girl Cassie and her best friend Jess as they're tamed by taboo tough love from their fathers. This collection contains 14,000 words of graphic scenes of rough sex between barely legal teens and their step-fathers, oral sex, bondage, sex toys and group sex. This daddy daughter erotica bundle is intended for 18+ READERS ONLY!
Tamed By Daddy 3 (Taboo Daddy Daughter Group Sex Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,370. Language: English. Published: January 11, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Cassie has turned her life around ever since getting punished by her adoptive father and now she wants nothing more than for her partying best friend Jess to get the same tough love she got. When Jess' sexy step-father Josh gets in on the plan, will they be able get Jess to follow in Cassie's footsteps?
Taboo: 4 Daddy Daughter Sex Stories (Pseudo-Incest Erotica Bundle)
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 16,500. Language: English. Published: January 3, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » Erotica Anthologies
What happens when hot, barely legal girls throw away all inhibition and commit the ultimate taboo with their father figures? Find out in this 16,000 word bundle collecting four of Justice Young's best-selling step-father/step-daughter stories. Warning: This bundle contains explicit pseudo-incestuous sex. Not for the faint of heart! ADULTS ONLY!
Daddy Likes Curves (BBW Taboo Daddy Daughter Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,800. Language: English. Published: January 3, 2013. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Lissa thinks she might have start exercising after her boyfriend comments about her gaining weight. When her curve loving step-father walks in on her in a compromising situation, will he be able to show her that she's a beautiful young woman? All characters are 18 or older. This 4600 word short contains two explicit sex scenes between a step-dad and his curvy, buxom step-daughter.
Pitching Daddy's Tent (Taboo/PI Daddy Daughter Virgin Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,310. Language: English. Published: December 20, 2012. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Selena, like her step-dad, enjoys the great outdoors. When her mom stays home from a camping trip to celebrate her 18th birthday, it's just her alone with him for a whole week in the middle of nowhere. Will she give in to the forbidden feelings that begin to grow between the two, or will Daddy be left pitching his own tent?
Tamed By Daddy 2 (Taboo / PI Daddy Daughter Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,390. Language: English. Published: December 12, 2012. Category: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM
After being punished by her adoptive father a week earlier, Cassie is trying to be a good girl but gets into trouble when her best friend tricks her into going to a party. When her father finds out, will she explain to him that it's all a big misunderstanding or give into the punishment she desires? This 5200 word story contains light bdsm, sex toys and a daughter looking for a little tough love.
Sorry, Daddy! I'm a Stripper! (Taboo / PI Daddy Daughter Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,860. Language: English. Published: December 7, 2012. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Anna is working at a strip club to make some extra cash before she starts college. What she doesn't know is that it's the same strip club her step-dad goes to when her mom is out of town. When he takes her to the private room to keep the other patrons' hands off her, will they give into temptation themselves?
Tamed By Daddy (Taboo/PI Daddy Daughter Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,800. Language: English. Published: December 3, 2012. Category: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM
Adopted daughter Cassie is a wild girl with no ambition or desire beyond finding the next party. When her adoptive father, Dan, catches her sneaking back into the house late at night he takes it as his responsibility to punish her with a little tough love. This 4500 word short contains rough, graphic sex involving an out of control daughter that just needs some TLC (Throbbing, Lustful Cock).
Fever (BBW Medical Erotica)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 6,850. Language: English. Published: November 29, 2012. Category: Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica
Laura is a curvy nurse who loves her husband dearly, but their sex life lately hasn't been anything to brag about. When the young, sexy, curve-loving Dr. Fuller gives Laura some mysterious painkillers for her headache she discovers that one of their side effects is uncontrollable lust. This 7,000 word story contains reluctant, rough and mindblowing graphic sex with a bbw nurse.
Santa's Breeding Workshop
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,690. Language: English. Published: November 19, 2012. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Trixie is an elf celebrating her eighteenth Christmas which means she gets to participate in the yearly Breeding Festival to decide who gets to be this year's Mrs. Clause. Can Trixie convince Santa that she has what it takes to perform all of her wifely duties? If she can't, it's a lonely year of just her and a peppermint stick ahead of her.
Daddy's Coming Down My Chimney (Taboo Daddy Daughter Sex)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,290. Language: English. Published: November 8, 2012. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Kara is spending Christmas with her best friend Jamie and her family. When Kara finds Jamie's hot dad putting presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, can she convince him to stuff her stocking? This 3,000 word short story of Christmas carnality contains graphic sex, anal sex, one slutty college girl on Santa's naughty list and a hot dad with the biggest package under the tree.
Swim Team Slut (Alpha Male Shower Fantasy)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,680. Language: English. Published: November 5, 2012. Category: Fiction » Erotica » General
Becky joined the swim team just to get with guys like Ryan, her big brother's best friend, but after catching him in the shower and seeing what he has to offer she only wants him. When their colleges attend the same swim meet, Ryan shows her what his swimmer's body is REALLY good for. This 3600 word story contains wet, hot shower sex, voyeurism, masturbation, spanking and sexual acrobatics.

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