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Smashwords book reviews by JustMeCT

  • The Longshores Rising: NMC Book 1 on March 19, 2012

    While it took a while for me to unearth this work from my to-be-read pile, it was well worth the read. Unlike many works with futuristic settings, this did not bore me with technical descriptions nor speak over my head. I think any fan of a good story will enjoy this work. I enjoyed the combination of "old world" fighting styles with high-tech weaponry; the old meets the new in a way that brought Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series to mind. Also, unlike many first books, this is truly a book and not a short-story stretched with unnessary added verbiage or lengthy descriptions. There is great character development as well as realistic main characters. There are no "all-good / all-bad" people in this work. While Messina utilizes the popular paranormal species of werewolves and vampires, he gives them a whole new origin. Further, while they are minor characters in this work, they do impart a good message: even past enemies can become good friends and work together toward a brighter future. The main paranormal actity are bondings with extra-dimensional demons the "bad guys" use. Instead of taking the easy-way with the "good guys" bonding extra-dimensional angels, Messina plants an exceptional surprise. :D I enjoyed this tremendously; it read easily and quickly, a fun weekend-read book. I eagerly await the next book in the Neo-Monagasque series.