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  • Creatures of the Night on July 08, 2013

    'Creatures of the Night' is filled with magic, adventure, action, and - of course - creatures. I love Sorcier and the togetherness it brought to the group. Death can sometimes bring people together. There is obviously a sexual tension between the main heroine and other male characters. It is just that Arsene is too insensitive in that kind of area, or that she purposely pretends not to notice the attention she is getting. Love it. I wonder who she will finally end up with. The ending is very climaxing. I can not keep myself away from staring at the last sentence. Valline is such a sweet boy! Damn, I wish I have one just like him as well to keep me conform even when at such a dirty place like that prison. 'Creatures of the Night' is just too cool to be truth. Banri sounds hot as well, but so does Link. Who will she finally ends up with? Man, the ending just left me hanging with curiosity. Oh, and the trailer and cover? Superb!
  • Creatures of the Dark on July 08, 2013

    When I began reading the book, I never thought that it would turn up like that. I thought Arsene was really dead, for good. But one by one, signs keep appearing and revelation is surfacing slowly bits by bits. and by the time it came to the climax of the secret, everything finally became clear. The progress is not slow, but not too quick as well. I love how magically revealed it was. Very beautiful, very terrifying. I was at awe when I read the part when she finally found out what has happened. Stella Purple is very talented, indeed. Not only that, 'Creatures of the Dark' also takes deeper meaning of the term 'darkness'. The second book reveals more about Arsene's family, the Noirmelns, like never before. Family conflict and throne struggle filled the castle. The heroine's and her fellow groupy's friendship is being tested. I love every single stage of it. It made me could not wait for another book from 'The Creatures Series'.
  • Creatures of the Mist on July 08, 2013

    There was black. There was white. And then there was grey. There was the Noirmelns. There was the Blancort. And then there was the Greymist. 'Creatures of the Mist' is surely much more up-to-date than any of its series previous books. Every time I read a newer book, it proves to me that it is even better than the previous one. I am super hooked by this series. The entire series so far has been very page turning. I can not even begin how excited I was every time I began opening another book. The beauty and art were put together in this thrilling fantasy series. The rarest combination made me felt like it does not do justice to me to only express it with simple words. Stella Purple is very creative. She always make sure to keep everything fresh in the right kind of pace. What topped it all the most was when the coronation happened. Very elegant, very powerful, and very cruel. The writer keeps Arsene's nature still at bay, never changing course even from the first book. I love every paragraph, every sentence, and every word written in this third book.
  • Creatures of the Ice on July 08, 2013

    If I thought that the previous book are amazing, this one is beyond me. 'Creatures of the Ice' started off with plot thicker and trickier than ever. Who would have thought that there will be being a demon involved? Just what exactly Arsene can not do? Just what is it that she will not do for her friends and family? What is the limitation of patient, until someone who is always to cool headed breaks? Arsene keeps surprising me with her choice of action. She is very impressive. She is my idol and most favorite character a book can provide. Just like the tittle, the book is filled with coldness and iciness. Usually, authors describe hell as hot. But being the unusual writer she is, Stella Purple made the hell in her book to be totally at the opposite end of what others usually do. Hell is cold. And I was in for a lot of unexpectance. There are action, there are adventure, and there are unlimited fantasy in this fourth book. Never stops to impress me.
  • Creatures of the Light on July 08, 2013

    ‘Creatures of the Light’ continues from what was left at the fourth book. Arsene tried to find a way to get back to normal, but what she got instead was a dead end and her turning even more of being not herself. It was amazing how the author made a witch with no mercy of being a killer and excecutor into a frightened little girl who did not even dare enough to harm a fly. The transformation was really such a turn. I can not imagine myself going through such change. It was not just the fact that her appearance has changed, but so does her personality. From fearless to fragile, Arsene was even still my favorite heroine until she found out who did it to caused her change. Once again, Stella Purple made sure to leave a hanging climax. I am curious to dead of the next book. I saw the cover and it was even much more BURNING than any other books I have ever seen from the series. What I would like to say, before ending this review, is that I would really like to get a taste of the next book very soon.
  • White Bloodline (#1) (Reverse Harem) on July 29, 2013

    A very brilliant combination between flower and incest!
  • White Bloodline (#2) (Reverse Harem) on July 29, 2013

    A very powerful dark tale of fantasy and erotica.
  • White Bloodline (#3) (Reverse Harem) on July 29, 2013

    And the plot thickens....
  • White Bloodline (#4) (Reverse Harem) on July 29, 2013

    It was kind of sad how the story ended. Nonetheless, a very good series this has been.
  • White Devil (Reverse Harem) (#1, Vampire Empire) on Feb. 02, 2016

    Love it! Excellent read! Recommended!