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  • Selene of Alexandria on Aug. 05, 2010

    This book has everything... It was such a great story. I LOVED Selene, she was such a great character. I'm really finding it hard to describe her. There were times when she was so strong, emotionally, and yet other times when she would let her emotions take over. She was so strong-willed and yet still understood her place in her world and did as she was supposed to do. I guess the best way I can think to describe her would be, she was a real woman. I was very attached to Selene. She was just so real. While the story focused around Selene there were so many other things that were going on around her. Even when the story didn't focus on Selene she always managed to get herself right there in the middle of what was going on. There were times when I wanted to knock some sense into her, but I knew that she could handle whatever situations she was placed in. The ending was great. While not everyone had a happy ending it was very realistic. There were a few unexpected twists that really added to the tension of the story, but they made for great reading. The story was so great, it had everything. It was exciting, endearing, suspenseful, and emotional. There was a very tense felling around everything. The fight for power in the city, the fight for Selene to get what she wanted out of life, the fight of religion in the city. Everything was marked with tension. This one did take me a while to read. I spent many hours with Selene, Hypatia, Phillip, Rebecca, and Orestes. I'm not sure why it took so long for me to read it, as it was a fairly fast-paced story. Despite the time it took me to finish it was well worth the read. It was beautifully written, it was an intelligent story, and it was easy to escape into Selene's world.
  • Follow The Money (A collection of interconnected short stories) on Oct. 22, 2010

    A review e-book copy was provided for review by the author. This book was hilarious, right from the dedication through to the end. I still hate to admit that I have a sick and dark sense of humor, but the fact that I laughed through most of this book I think just sets that even more in stone... The stories were so weird. They all seemed to revolve around, what most people would consider, "trash". Sadly though there were a few characters that when I started reading them I thought to myself "This is just like ..." It was both a frightening and liberating, it meant I could laugh at it because I was part of it. For being short stories the characters are very well developed. The fact that some of them carry through one or two of the stories helps build them even more. I think the ability to create such developed characters within the limitations of a short story is a sign of a great author. The stories are well written. Sometimes it took me a minute to find the "connection" to the previous stories, but once I figured it out it all really started to make sense. Again I have to mention the humor that was so well-placed in the stories. I don't want to give anything away but my favorite bit of humor is the toe/thumb... (That's got you thinking doesn't it???) Like I said, it's kind of dark twisted humor. While I didn't get lost in the story, and the characters were all fairly despicable I do have to say that I really enjoyed myself while reading this book. I really hope Cavins writes something else because I think I'm going to have to read this a few times. Not only to pick up some of the things I may have missed but also because I enjoyed it so much.
  • Modern Suburbia on May 25, 2013

    I'm sure everyone is familiar with a place like Teal County. There are the deep dark secrets, but everyone keeps them hidden to keep up appearances. It's the perfect setting for a book like this because the secrets that are being hidden are a pretty big deal. And these secrets infiltrate into many of the Teal County social circles. As many people as there are that end up being somehow involved in the illicit activities going on it's amazing to me that no one was any the wiser. I guess ignorance is bliss - or if you're working to hide your own secrets you don't have the time to pay attention to what other's are hiding. Not really sure which situation is going on in this one, but either way it was interesting to watch everything unfurl. Nathan was a pretty good character. Until things really started to go awry him along with his computer guru friend Aiden seem to be one step ahead - of everyone. There were a few times throughout the story that I thought for sure the gig was up and that someone was going to bust Nathan. But he was so well prepared that I didn't even realize what his plans were until the situations revealed themselves. Towards the end he does seem to loose some of his footing, but even then he's a quick thinker and comes up with some great ideas on the fly. I couldn't put it down because I wanted to see what Nathan and Aiden were going to do to get themselves out of their sticky situations. If they were doing things that were on the up and up I would say they were cunning - but what happens in this book is so far beyond being legal that I'd have to call them conniving. And this doesn't really have anything to do with the story itself but every time I pictured Falco he looked like Gru from Despicable Me in my head. There were a few times that I almost expected a minion to jump out from hiding. Which really would have thrown the story for a curve. I loved all the turns this story took. At first it took a bit for me to figure out exactly who was who and what was going on, but once the story really got going I quickly figured things out. It doesn't take long for the story to get going either. There are so many twists to the story that I had to give up on trying to figure out how things were going to end, because as soon as I would start to formulate an ending something would happen that would make my "ending" no longer relevant to the story. I loved that even though this book is fast paced, has so many twists, and so many intertwining story lines it's not confusing to read. I was able to quickly pick up on what was going on and who the key figures were. It even had a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. It was an exciting book and was highly enjoyable. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This review is my truthful honest opinion.