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  • Barefoot Heroine: A Mayne Attraction Short Story on Feb. 04, 2012

    So cool to read it from Ash's POV I loved it. Makes me really want In the Shadows, although I wish it had included when she reached out to him. That would have been sooo sweet. He really does love her. :)
  • The Golden Dynasty on June 06, 2012
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    I loved this book, no less than what I expected from KA. Kept true to her sweet, hot Mega-Alpha male heroes, and Lahn was above and beyond, probably due to the savage aspect. Circe was a good lead, she was a little foolish, but I loved her spirit and the whole Tigress thing. There was a good amount of laughter considering the possible dark tone of the book. I also loved the beginning when she started to get to know Lahn, it was really sweet, he was sweet, with the seduction and not understanding and repeating her phrases, I especially loved the "I don't understand you baby", really sweet(Ps I'm going to be saying that a lot :D). I always love the beginnings of romances, watching, waiting for, seeing and feeling the characters fall in love is amazing. It was especially nice here, with how it started, the fact that it changed for the better, and how, with his attentiveness, his words... I loved the piggyback scene, again sweet, romantic... I think you get the gist :D I LOVED scene with the "Nahna" and "Kahna"s you just melt, nothing else for it, or to say totally swoon and every good description you can think of, romantic, sweet, possessive, love. And need I mention the river bank scene, again nothing else to say, their first admission of love, it was everything it should be, I wanted, needed and expected. Totally made up for what I felt was a lacking first kiss cause she gave in so easily and was half asleep, not as romantic as a fight, or in the midst of passion and having her CONSCIOUS. I wanted her to choose it but oh well. But his first kiss to her was really sweet, another favorite part. The magic was cool too. Oh and the Fauna thing, immediate, constant and apparently rare among all other warriors, so Sweet! (I even counted: 9 "My Faunas" and 13 "My Doe" from, Lahn to Circe) This is why we fall in love with these, hard jerk mega-alpha males, and savage in this case(but also always hot too). Some complained there was too much setting and clothes descriptions, but for me I loved, wanted and needed it. It all helped with the imagining and also fantasizing the kickass outfits I REALLY want to try ;) Now I can understand the issues this book touched being sensitive topics for some people and therefore not a good choice to read. However, these parts were generally either in the beginning, glossed over and/or only lasted a few pages. I also realize this was a hated phrase but it "was their culture!". We had the exact same one 700+ years ago. We still have it in many areas today, so despite our change in many cultures, we can't be completely high and mighty that we've never done this. Yes, it has changed and I do not condone any of the things touched on either, but this was also part of the point of the book and its characters. It was a modern day woman falling in love with a savage nation and equally savage man, and you know that upon starting to read it. We can't expect Circe to enter the country and be able to change much of anything, not just because she said so and didn't like it. I find it amazing she changed it in Lahn or at least made him listen and abide by her wishes, good for her, she stood up for herself and her beliefs when she could, when it really mattered, and mattered to her, and when she could change things. The rest, you either need to accept, or bury your head in the sand, skip or gloss over. Get to the heart of the story. I am also proud of her for holding her grudge, however the last time almost annoyed she gave in or annoyed when I knew she would and the incident was happening because, she was so broken and I was upset and breaking with her. However it was Crazy and for a barbarian, yeah, no, he's not gonna get it. But he realized he loved her anyway right away so that is redeeming. So I do totally and fully agree with the outcome, and the fact that he won, but I wanted more at the end. I find this often with with KA books and probably part of the reason I've been devouring them feverishly. They always leave me satisfied but not, wanting more, more of the all is calm, love forever, everything is perfect romance and love once all the issues have been resolved. I want to revel in it, but can't so I reread and/or buy the next to start over with the watching, waiting for, seeing and feeling the characters fall in love... Waiting for the scenes I want. The declarations of love, the revelations and determination, before all hell breaks loose and is then resolved, sometimes promptly, sometimes not, and then the book ends. A vicious cycle and it's good KA shows no sign of stopping and pumps them out so fast, it's needed. Smart ploy for publishers, but still, and just shows how much I love these books. Also, addressing the repetitive issues, I just got over, ignored, or just plain didn't notice them. Specifically for this book, there are only so many things and phrases they could say with a language barrier. I read this book because of one phrase. On a review for her new book Knight, which I've also read and reviewed, similarly I might add, a reader commented it was missing the absolute and apparent love characteristic of KA's books, and I agree, but how she said it stuck with me and burned in my brain for a week before I broke down and bought this book. She said ----- "I just didn't feel the WHY Knight loved Anya or how her love impacted his life. In KA language... "Sweet Dreams"... remember when Tate realized that "this was enough" for Lauren... or when he was walking the house after she'd been kidnapped and KA showed us how Laurie was everywhere, in every corner and crevice of Tate's house and his heart? Or how Joe told Vi.. "I'm full to bursting." Or when Circe gets swept back to her time and Lahn's heart practically falls out of his chest?" Now unfortunately for me, that scene wasn't described in such detail, or with those words that would and almost did make me swoon, but the idea is there, the love is evident and you can definitely read between the lines. What can I say, with it being described afterwards and the Dax not being much of a sharer or chatterer, well I'm not exactly suprised. I loved this book, savage and all, it was sweet, romantic and just like KA. It's a perfect addition to my shelf for her, now up to 10! Wow, (I love her books, can't get enough. If you are really sensitive, be warned, watchful, I don't recommend it unknowingly, but definitely recommend it. However, if you are just hesitant, worried about details or graphics, BUY THE BOOK! it is worth it, I found the issues able to be handled and pushed aside pretty easily, just focus on your swooning and I was good. It was never THAT detailed, not much worse than some of her other scenes, or many others in many other books popular and widely read with drugs, kidnapping, torture, more and worse rape, at least this rape was clean for most and hell PG 13 movies are more graphic, also horror and thrillers, action movies, books, there is a lot we put up with, deal with and accept because it's FICTION. The same goes here, and it's KA she's not known for all butterflies, flowers and simple petty issues being the main drama. They almost all have at least one sick crazy in it and violence and explosions of the literal and figurative variety. Even the leads are hard-edged and some downright scary. So, I actually found this book to be sweeter, in words and actions than any of her others so far, whatever made Lahn Lahn in their Cham. They had a lot of scenes there where he was allowed to be sweet instead of always being a Macho Biker or something similar, I guess he let her in right away, was sweet and in love right away, and that was amazingly different. So, read the book, if you liked her others, I'm sure, and hope, you'll love this one. And Ps. I'm sorry this is one heinously, long review but I hope it helps and inspires.