KD Montgomery


K.D. Montgomery spent her younger years living in daydreams. She created adventure where there was none and she traveled to new worlds daily (but was always forced to come back in time for dinner). She began to chronicle her epic journeys with monsters under kitchen tables and goblins stuck in bathtubs, and she soon realized that as much as she loved to imagine, she equally loved to write. As the years passed, she was instructed to grow under the cliché that she should always keep her feet planted on the ground, so she did, and firmly locked her stories away, until at last forgetting that that part of her ever existed. When she became a mother, the fire of her imagination and her love of storytelling was rekindled, as she began to explore the world with her children and remembered how to see the exceptional in the ordinary. She at last realized that keeping your feet on the ground was silly when there were so many more amazing places to be, so she began to write again.
Today, K.D. spends her days fighting ghosts out from closets and setting traps for tooth fairies with her five children, then spends her nights traveling far past the stars to other worlds, constantly in search of the new adventures that await her.

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