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KJ Reed is an inconspicuous housewife by day, folding laundry and chasing after a toddler with pleasure. But late at night, when the rest of the household is asleep and not making messes she has to pick up, she writes erotic romance. She took up writing one day when she realized the voices in her head weren’t multiple personalities, but characters begging to come out and play.

As military wife, she’s fortunate enough to be surrounded by manly, Alpha-tastic inspiration on a daily basis. Nothing stirs the blood quite like a platoon of sweaty Marines running by in formation. Of course, she’d tell you where she lives, except by the time you read this, she’s probably moved again.

KJ is a multi-published author with several erotic novellas and shorts available, as well as many more in the works. For a full list, head over to her books page.

She is currently working on her next erotic romance, hopefully hot enough to singe your socks off. She loves hearing from readers. So feel free to contact her on her site at www.authorkjreed.com, or follow her on Twitter @authorKJReed, or “Like” her on Facebook at facebook.com/kjreedbooks.

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