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Smashwords book reviews by L. G. Cullens

  • Magic of Life on April 09, 2015

    A UK based writer friend of mine (I admit) being a published author and accomplished reviewer and editor in her working life, enjoys writing poetry in her retirement. Having had the pleasure of her sharing a few of her poems with me, I eagerly snapped up this collection. Not that I'm much into poetry, other than Frost and a very few others, but I'm in awe of her insight and wordsmith skills. I won't bother you with a list of my favorite poems by her, as they vary with mood, and likely with your tastes. So I'll only note that for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you're likely to find a treasure trove of reading for years to come. Personally, I'm eagerly awaiting a collection of narrative poetry she's mentioned working on, one piece shared blew me away. So yeah, you can ignore this as my promoting a friend, but it'll be your loss :-) Had I only stumbled across this poetry collection, and not been acquainted with the author, I would promote its excellence none the less. Reading it with with any eye towards quality, I believe you'd do the same. Searching the internet for my activity, you'll find that I don't write reviews such as this as a matter of habit ;-)
  • Windfalls by Jennifer Christie Temple on Aug. 12, 2016

    Windfalls By Jennifer Christie Temple Still turning from time to time to the author's first collection, I've been looking forward to this second. My patience has been well rewarded. From inner self to vista on high, and from first crush to death's dance, with a dash of rascal spice in the blend, it's all there with the insight of life well contemplated. A magical bit of humanity, I'll enjoy over and over.
  • Memories of a Distant Future on Oct. 04, 2016

    Review by: L. G. Cullens (author of Calan's Eden) on Oct. 4, 2016 As the author notes in his book description, a current day young man finds himself several hundred years in the past, in a North America before Europeans began to arrive. He recognizes the terrain of northern Wyoming, but is understandably confused by the absence of modern man's hand. So begin his adventures in a time closer to Nature. The story is both awe inspiring and endearing, especially to me in being familiar with both the locale and people depicted. To those that look for depth in a story, the author's use of a simpler setting brings out humankind's good and bad proclivities. My only issue with this book was the author's stumbling, drawn out start, where he might have better captured the reader's mind's eye and attention. I got over such though, as the author quickly hit his stride in presenting an engrossing story. This isn't the kind of book where one can note snippets to interest potential readers, so I'll say only that many should find this book an immersing and enjoyable read.