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Smashwords book reviews by Kathy Pressley

  • The Watchers from within moments, Revealed on Jan. 25, 2012

    A Great Story! If you liked his (Free) short stories Incident at Walter's Creek, and/or The Day God Winked you should like this one even better!
  • Incident at Walter's Creek on Jan. 25, 2012

    Great story with a surprise twist at the end!
  • The Day God Winked on Jan. 25, 2012

    A great tale that combines a bit of the supernatural with the spiritual
  • Behold, the Warrior's Pride on Jan. 25, 2012

    Well written and introspective. Can a tiger change his stripes?
  • Reckoning on Jan. 25, 2012

    A philosophical musing in a sci-fi setting. Is it better to be a sentient being, or is ignorance bliss? This story seems to have its roots in the Hinduism creation story which holds that the world is created many times, over and over again, and not just once and for all.