Karen Davies


Karen was born in West Yorkshire and has a degree in literature. She also has a modest, but perfectly formed comic collection (mostly Marvel and 2000AD). She shares her life with an understanding partner, two savage children, three crazy dogs, and a high maintenance cat.

She has lived in t’north of England and the Republic of China, and currently resides in suburban bliss in the West Midlands. Amongst (many) other things she has worked as an actor, a teacher, and a scaffolder. A nerd and proud, she also plays with swords and other pointy things from time to time.

She once fell down the highest mountain in Taiwan and was led to safety by a couple of tribesmen in exchange for cigarettes, which is an unlikely tale but true nonetheless.

If you really want, you can find her on Twitter: @ktscribbles and on
Livejournal as littleonionz. She also has a blog, kdavies.net

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