Aulani Nahina


My Name is Aulani Kahanauakea Nahina. I'm born and raised on Maui, and I've been living in Washington state since 2001. I am proud to be Hawaiian and a mutt mix of everything else under the sun. I'm a mother of one son named Kainoa Nahina-Snoddy. I've wrote children's books since before preschool; before my writing was legible. My family and I have fun, we don't disappoint, and we're always there for each other. We own our flaws and accept our truths. Thank God we know a better day which is every day since December 10th, 2008. While writing my books about children; I missed my edge. There was a fire missing that withdrew me from becoming the author I longed to be. Entertaining my family with a whopping 22" long baby boy was the same day I caught on fire. Metaphorically speaking, my sons date of birth brought me to tears, joys, and a lot of pains immediately after he came into my life. My son is me, and he is my motivation... he is the reason I pray.


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