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At age 9, Gail Baugniet’s first attempt at writing a novel resulted in Ergo Death. The story involved a murder and a narrow coal chute that led to the basement of the family home in Wisconsin. She later composed poems and haiku poetry for her private enjoyment.

Over the years, reading and writing were an integral part of Gail's eclectic history of employment as an insurance underwriter, statistical coder, and claims adjuster; as a professional realtor; as a police reservist and part time peace officer; and finally, as a security dispatcher.

Now that Gail has free time to write novels again, her lifetime experiences offer plenty of background material for her planned mystery series. Her first self-published novel, FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences, released in 2011, introduces Hawaiian-born Pepper Bibeau as an Insurance Investigator whose routine assignments lead her through a maze of suspense.

Gail currents resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she is at work completing her second novel in the series for release in 2012.

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Smashwords book reviews by Gail M Baugniet

  • Doodling on July 06, 2011

    Whether allegory or metaphor, author Jonathan Gould's novel, Doodling, is masterfully written with subtle touches of humor and thought-provoking insight. I didn't realize until the story ended that it was a short story (18K+ words) but within those several thousand words, Mr. Gould thoroughly covers every aspect of the story he chose to tell. When we first meet protagonist Neville Lansdowne, he is running to keep up with a forever faster spinning world. He finally loses his grip and tumbles, not unlike Alice, into another world. Unlike Alice, he moves from one world spinning out of control into a world that almost ceases to move. As Neville explores his choice of asteroids to select a new home, he encounters people both strange and likeable. My favorite group consists of the bicycle triplets: undistinguishable from one another though probably not related. I immediately thought of NFL football, played for decades by teams eager to win and each year demanding a do-over, saying the winning "didn't count" because they weren't the team that won. Though Neville is content to take leave a world spinning out of control, he soon learns that every situation or living arrangement develops some form of leadership paradigm. by accepting the role thrust upon him to save lives and asteroids, Neville moves one step closer to coming full circle in his own life. Brilliantly executed, Mr. Gould. For originality alone, you have earned your 5-star rating.
  • Sagebrush on Aug. 04, 2011

    Sagebrush and its sequel, PUMA Son of Mountain Lion, are set in the 1800s, when America's western frontier was still home to the buffalo and wolf. These are stories of treacherous times that required both muscle and cunning intellect for man to survive. In Sagebrush, a boy is forced to hide in the wilderness after his parents are killed during an unprovoked Indian attack. Michael quickly teaches himself the skills necessary for him to remain alive, always with the goal of fulfilling a pledge made by his father. Detailed passages are realistically written with in-depth knowledge of the untamed era, its terrain, and the trials of a boy who would earn his manhood through strength of character. The sequel advances the story to the next generation with the same intriguing historical background. Skillfully woven into the stories are the psychology and natural instincts that helped unite members of two differing nations, a lesson that could well serve current governments. I purchased both books in the printed format (before I owned an e-reader.)These books deserve 5-star ratings for the personal historical content imparted by the author.