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  • Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery) on April 12, 2012

    I didn't think I was going to like Depth of Deception. After all the premise seemed like a cheesy Twilight Zone episode:  set in the 80's a young woman is found in the ocean near an iceberg with a ticket fromTitanic and wearing the clothes from that era.  Really? Boy was I wrong! I know that "couldn't put the book (Kindle) down" is such an overused cliche  but there is no other way to describe it. I kept telling myself "only one more chapter." Then I'd get to end of the next chapter and would have to read "just one more" I even turned my phone off.  I did start to get annoyed with Alexander Gallant (author) because his narrative was told from the view point of various characters EXCEPT Myra's (woman found in the ocean). It was frustrating because I wanted her thoughts from a fish-out-of-water perspective of 1912 woman lost in a "modern" NYC. But we were never in her mind. Then about halfway through the novel I realized it was on purpose. We (the reader) start to wonder if she's who she claims to be, which adds a whole other layer of intrigue to the mystery !  I raced to the end and was very surprised. It definitely wasn't  what I expected. But it was very satisfying. That's all I'll say to avoid spoilers.  I made the mistake of reading the excerpt to Alexander Galant's next novel. Now I have to wait til 2013 to read the rest. Curses! Oh well, I'll do what another reviewer here suggested: read Depth of Deception again.