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  • Zoctornyia's Training Grounds on June 07, 2012

    I thought that this was a great short by Beth Wright - But tell me, *please*, that there will be more of it soon! I enjoyed the creativity and entertainment of the characters. I found myself envisioning what it would be like for them when they reached their destination. I can't wait to learn more about the world and species they are going to come across! Very enjoyable, Beth!
  • Freedom in Chains, A Short Story on June 24, 2012

    Based loosely on actual events, Deena Remiel's 'Freedom In Chains' is a powerful, gritty and captivating tale. She shares with us a view into the life of someone who has been viciously, and repeatedly, abused. We never truly know what goes on behind the closed doors in our communities. The little faces that peer from cracks in the curtains as we drive by, the scrawny boy who plays alone, slightly disheveled, on the curb, the teenage rebel who's always in trouble - Even the jocks, the prom queen, or the seemingly perfect woman/man you cross paths with while walking the dog. You never know the details of anothers reality. It is often an uncomfortable feeling to us that human beings could be so depraved as to unleash this sort of horror onto another, but it happens every day, in all walks of life. One can only hope that honest and insightful efforts, such as this short, will open peoples eyes to what may be around them. Finding ways to give these victims help and the possibility of a future is a priority we all need to share. *No one* deserves to live, or die, like this. While not delving deeply into the particulars of what is done to 'Freedom', it only takes minimal effort to fill in the blanks of unspeakable torture and pain this girl underwent. It seems as though she made it out alive - Bravo! I cannot imagine the strength of character and heart it takes to survive not only the trials of that existence, but of the recovery as well. 'Freedom In Chains' is beautifully written by Mrs. Remiel. She takes great care to show her respect for the individual and subject in this short. As haunting as the story is, she maintains an undercurrent of hope for 'Freedom's' salvation. It also speaks very highly of her character that she wrote this with the intention of donating the proceeds to MillionKids.org to open chances for others to find their freedom. Well done, Deena!! I thank you for being strong enough to write and share this with us. It is stepping miles away from what we are used to seeing from you, but you handled it *amazingly*. To whomever our real life 'Freedom' is - Simply...I am so sorry for the things that were done to you. Inadequate but heartfelt words. I feel overwhelmingly proud of and grateful to you. I hope you find your way to a peaceful life. I would definitely purchase this story. It is only .99 cents, but the brief glimpse you get into this sickening side of humanity - and the soul of a Survivor - are worth more than the sum of the words. *And* you get to help an unfortunately necessary organization provide services and hope for other victims of this cruelty.
  • Wives Awakened on July 16, 2012

    Are you looking for realistic erotica that involves more mature couples and fantasies? Tom Covenant's 'Tales of Masturbation and Imagination Vol. 1' is a book I would recommend reading! It is a collection of 6 short erotic tales featuring 'normal' couples who find themselves in scenarios to realize some of the deepest fantasies! I loved that they involved a 'gritty' sense to them, as if you were right there in the room. They are the perfect length to fit into any part of your day that you find a little alone time. Go on - Have a peek. You know you want to ;-)
  • Fallen on Aug. 15, 2013

    Tom Covenent explores the world of fantasy combined with erotica in this short read. His extraordinarily detailed words flow together seamlessly to transport us into the fantasy as if we were standing right there as silent observers. He involves all of our senses; Sight, smell, taste, sound.....Touch. The eroticism through this story is ever-present, and builds throughout to keep you waiting, breathless, for the release of the climax (pardon the pun) ;-) Tammera, Princess of the Fall, was out for a ride on her beloved horse, Silfana, through the fall forests of her lands. This was her home, amidst the fiery colors that called to her. When she happens upon a band of mythical trespassers, will she do her duty as the Princess and have them banned, or will her curiousity get the better of her and cause her to throw caution to the winds? I certainly hope that there is more to come of this to expand on this beautifully written and creative piece. I'd love to hear more of the Princess of the Fall, and will be waiting impatiently ;-) I highly recommend reading this!