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  • Crossing the Rubicon on June 07, 2013

    Highly Engaging Time Traveler plus a memorable Historic Fiction Book. One of the best and believable Historic Fiction set in a timeline of 18th century, (1739~1745). This is written as more sort of a Journal/Diary than a Novel. The book is narrated from first person perspective of Trinity (the main character) The thing which strikes at first while picking up this book is the stunning cover design, the beautiful pages (feels like a letter head or a expensive diary) and the stunning layout. Not to forget the catchy title " Crossing The Rubicon " Right from page one, the novel highly engages readers into the most scientific yet sensible way the seven characters (friends) crossed the timeline right from the year 2014 to discover themselves into ever aging 275 years behind in the year 1739. Seven friends (Trinity, Jacob, Keara, Tom, Kim, Andy and Robert)are out on a sunny weekend, spelunking and exploring the Chungo Caves with Jacob (the most intelligent character) leading the way. Wandering in the Caves, the teenagers travels in the treacherous land, a creek or a hole in the mountain, giving a claustrophobic feel. Suddenly, a flash and a blackout and the course of their lives is changed forever. The Merciless sun compressed the light/sine waves which resulted into the overlapping of two points, PAST AND PRESENT (two parallel world). As the wave decompressed, the group hangs on to the point of past, crossing the Rubicon 275 years back (and never to return), later to discover themselves in the timeline of 1739. Possible? -Don't Know. Sensible? -Hell Yes! Right from here, the story unfolds as the courageous teenagers get the hold of their senses and start the quest of their survival. The teenagers travel various continents without modern day tools, communication and transport, discovering ancient ways and tact of survival. Soon a character dies due to lack of Insulin supply which depressed me for a short time. Though I couldn't connect well with the particular character. But as said, Life is supposed to move on, The remaining six continue their journey unknown of what's to come ahead. The Story gives a wide brief on the norms of cultures and languages during the ancient era, which seems well researched and profound. The characters keep falling apart and adding in as the story progresses but I had a hard time relating to any of the characters due to moderate narration (which could have been a lot better). The most engaging and fascinating part was the ship wreck, the aggressive action when the British ships attacked The Spanish. I devoured the pages of this section over five times at least. This was the most beautifully written section in the entire novel which was highly captivating and thrilling. Great Action! Great Drama! Great Tragedy! also a Great Trauma! But soon, the death of few more characters hit hard at heart. A very nice message delivered here by Richter, "War Results in Nothing more than Sadness". How True! The journey which started with 7 teenagers scooped down to 4, Some dead, some missing. We just wished for no more deaths and thank god..... The adventure of four teenagers continues, followed by more moments of true friendship, love, trust, kindness and the ever thrilling, ACTION! Though the narration was moderate (poor at times), it was fairly easy to visualize the destinations, locations, scenes, action, adventure and ancient traditions just as clear. With 1212 days of dramatic adventure and quest for survival in the ancient era with considerable less life expectancy, I just wonder how brave and courageous these teenagers were to lead their adventure and use their bravery and intelligence to finally make up to the safest destination, build mansions and live a wonderful live despite of the turmoil and working their way from the toil of their brow. Then comes my favorite chapter "For Those Who Come After Us" One of the most beautiful chapters I've read in 2013, making the end unforgettable. This chapter most certainly left me with teary eyes as it conveyed a beautiful message for the humanity. Uprising and living, though can be difficult at times, courage and will to live on are the only sources of energy and survival a human shall possess. At least read this chapter over ten times and just admire the beauty and depth of it every time I roll my eyes onto it. Overall, Crossing the Rubicon by R.C. Richter is highly engaging and extremely interesting Historic Fiction/Time Traveling book reflecting over 275 years of tradition, friendship, action, adventure, thrill, courage, will to live and quest for survival. Though the book has moderate (poor at times) narration and a "TELLING" not "SHOWING" way of characters description, it's still a must read for historical fiction fans wanting to join in the adventure of seven teenagers and CROSSING THE RUBICON.