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  • Haunting Injustice on Jan. 15, 2012

    In his crime thriller “Haunting Injustice,” Mickey Mills intermingles Mystery with the Mystical, putting a team of paranormal investigators to work with a police force in untangling a series of crimes. The stage is set with line from partway through the first chapter (which should, perhaps, have opened the book itself): “Chance McKenzie went to prison for life, which turned out to be about three months.” Chance has been questionably convicted of his own wife’s murder, and as “chance” would have it, ends up incarcerated with her cousin, who shanks him in the prison yard. Dead or no, Chance isn’t finished insisting on his innocence. A spooked prosecutor, though skeptical of his own eerie experiences, calls in a college friend who specializes in paranormal investigation. Some of the book’s most stimulating aspects and entertaining conversations center on its various characters’ experiences of the paranormal, beliefs or prejudices regarding the paranormal, and even the attempts at “translating” paranormal activity or sensitivity to skeptics. As the chief investigator says of his psychic: “He’s a sensitive, a true medium, and if you don’t know what that means, just relate it to that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your ex-wife walks in the room.” I’ll share up front the single characteristic of the book which I disliked, and that’s the lack of contracted words in dialogue. It seems like a petty complaint, but people talk using words like “it’s” and “they’re” and “I’ll”—and the uncontracted lines of dialogue repeatedly jolted me out of the moment as I read. Aside from this admittedly minor objection, I found this book to be a thoroughly enjoyable read—the characters engaging, the mystery intriguing, the blurred boundaries between “normal” and paranormal absorbing. All in all, it’s a highly worthwhile read!