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  • Silent Comix on Feb. 23, 2012
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    My boy of 16 years who has Down Syndrome, is now trying very hard to read and write. I have encouraged him (with little success so far) to take the collection of comics I have kept since the 1950's Thanks Robby for your efforts in freely providing what may be a useful tool to this end.
  • Be the Hero of Your Life on Nov. 25, 2012

    I have almost finished this +200 page book. As a book goes, it is a little drawn out and repetitious and could be trimmed down somewhat. However regarding 'self help', it has already significantly improved my ability to cope with highly stressed individuals, in a highly stressed work environment, and is also making cracks in the armour of 50 years of depression and suppression, instigated by early childhood loss. I found the neurophysiological interactions regarding the subconcious, concious, DNA and entrenched belief systems, particularly revealing, in explaining why so many other 'self help' strategies do not provide permanent solutions. Don's urging at "working at a solution" is also useful and sometimes not emphasised enough in other publications. Thank you for a most practical, useful book, and well stocked website.