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  • A Journey of a Bouncing Czech on Aug. 25, 2010

    Natasha’s story will resonate with many people. Her life has been shaped in the context of multiple key events and periods in the world (World War II and the Holocaust, the rise of communism in Eastern Europe, Czechoslovakia in 1968), personal challenges (immigration to the West, separation from family, illness) and triumphs (health, career and relationships). Her story therefore has elements that readers will both identify with and learn from, and yet is of course entirely unique. As a second generation (half) Czech I learned a lot about my own family’s journey in addition to learning more about my friend. Natasha tells her story with honesty, intelligence, articulateness and wit and it was wonderful to discover that her great gift for storytelling in person translates so well to the written word. This is a gem of a book that I highly recommend.