Karen Redmond


I believe that our children want to live in a kinder world. Unfortunately, they are going to have to create that reality for themselves. That is why I write for children. I want to send a message to today’s youth that kindness, acceptance, and understanding are far more powerful coping tools than anger, judgment, and resentment. I embed this logic in action-packed adventures that keep young readers turning the pages. And when they close the back cover on one of my books, I hope they will be entertained and enlightened.
Starseeds is the first book in a trilogy and is intended for middle grade readers. I am in the process of writing the second book and will let everyone know when it is available for release and download.
In addition, I am preparing my Leena Zebra chapter book series for publication. I wrote this series several years ago, and am proud of the message that it sends to elementary-level readers. It teaches acceptance and tolerance of others, while providing young minds with a simple logic that discredits any type of bullying that may come their way.
Thank you for visiting my profile page, and I hope that you will check back for future releases.

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