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  • The Tinderbox on Jan. 21, 2013

    Atmospheric, fast-paced, and compelling, The Tinderbox is a great read! If you enjoy gritty urban settings and an insider's look at how the media, politics, and crime converge and collide, then this novel is definitely your cup of tea -- or shot of tequila! The setting is Miami; is it a "poor man's paradise" or a tinderbox ready to go up in flames? Author David Holmberg skillfully weaves together the strands of two explosive events in a violent and vividly evoked Miami, where power plays can be dangerous and even deadly. Through the eyes of Mike Baedeker, a young reporter who's recently returned to his hometown searching for answers to his father's past and his own future, we see the seamy, tragic underside of a city that's being torn apart by forces beyond anyone's control. A journalist himself, Holmberg deftly probes the psyche of his likeable protagonist Baedeker, who's driven by his need to "make sense of things" even in a world that's collapsing around him. We feel Baedeker's frustration and compassion -- and come to understand what he cares about and why. In the end, we root for him to emerge from Miami's steamy streets and his biggest story with his soul and his hopes intact. With a strong story line and a cast of colorful characters, Miami among them, The Tinderbox is a fast-paced, exciting read.