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Smashwords book reviews by Kerwin Schaefer

  • Who's Unforgiven on July 23, 2015

    This book isn't even worth it for free. The author doesn't know how to write in even halfway decent English, the story is unbelievably stupid, and he has no idea of how to plot.
  • Abducted: Book 1 of The Alien Mate Index on Dec. 15, 2016

    Excellent start for a new series by this author! The character types are very similar to what you would find in her Kindred Series, so if you enjoyed those, you'll probably love this new series also. The alien males are really hot, but they're also dangerous, but so respectful of the human females. The females aren't just helpless damsels in distress. They take an active part in saving themselves when things get bad. I highly recommend it.