Karly Violet


I love writing steamy romance stories which push the boundaries of the norm, exploring the relationships between married couple as they stretch their limits, testing the mettle of both husband and wife!

My stories focus on adult themes centred around hotwives, wife sharing, wife swapping and wife watching.

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Hotwife: Adultery And Lust
F**k Buddy From The Past Breaks Open A Couple’s Marriage!
Hotwife Her MFM Fantasy!
Price: $3.99 USD.
Hotwife Swingers Fantasy!
Price: $3.99 USD.
Hotwife For Hire
Price: $3.99 USD.
The Hotwife MFM Fantasy
Adventurous Wife Explores The Ultimate MFM Fantasy With Her Husband
My Wife…...The Hotwife Author
Husband stumbles upon his wife’s hotwife fantasies in the pages of her novels!
Hotwife: Sold
Hotwife auctions her body to the highest bidder for the ultimate pleasure!
Hotwife Training
Camila and Xander each have a secret. A secret they share with each other, only they haven’t yet found out yet. Camila’s thirst to explore her body with different men in front of her husband's eyes…….. …...and Xander’s desire to watch another man ravish his insatiable wife. As each keep their secret close to their chest, they search for ways to fill the void with intimate acts with strangers.
The Hotwife Adventure
A hotwife’s passion for adultery strengthens her marriage! When Andrew discovers his wife has been cheating on him, the experienced Private Investigator struggles to comprehend how he missed the signs. Specialising in helping his wealthy clients trap and expose their cheating partners, Andrew kicks himself for missing the obvious telltale changes in Priscilla’s behaviour. On the night Priscilla confesses her infidelity to him, Andrew becomes intrigued in his sudden attraction to his wife’s adulterous behaviour. The married couple’s relationship evolves into a new reality as Priscilla offers to help Andrew in his latest case, exposing a cheating millionaire. She uses her seductive charm in a honeytrap, as she intends on trapping the millionaire providing her husband with sufficient evidence for his latest client. But when Andrew covertly films his wife sharing her body, losing her inhibitions in the arms of another man, he finds their marriage edging past the point of no return……...
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