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  • Toward a Legal and Social Foundation for Gay Rights on Nov. 23, 2012

    Eliza, 1st off, if you want to go quoting nature, why don't you do some research. Gay behavior has been observed in close to 1,500 species and is well documented for 500 of them. 2nd, not everyone in this country is Christian or answers to a God. Our laws should not be based on such. If all our laws were based on the bible, women's rights would not be where they are today. Should women having children out of wedlock or having affairs be stripped of their rights? No. 3rd, by my understanding of your statement that gays should not be able to marry because they cannot "procreate", what about women who can't carry a child on their own. Many of the methods women go to in order to get pregnant are not "natural". By your statement below that woman should except the way nature intended it. 4th, The whole freaks/parade comment shows your ignorance. Straight people don't show what freaks they can be on Mardi Gras?????? Have you even been to Mardis Gras? Girls flashing their boobs for beads from guys? Ring a bell? I think you should go examine yourself and your own sins before judging others. Calling people freaks and telling them to burn in hell because of your religion, what a good little Christian. Sickens me how many "Christians" make hateful and ignorant comments like that. (I am not even going to go on a rant about the world being overpopulated and many straight couples have disgraced the "sacred bond" over the years) P.S. Thanks for the book Kenneth! :D