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Welcome to my page and thank you for looking at my book.

My name is Karo Itoje. I'm a Nigerian. And I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

Writing for me started my accident. I realized sometime ago that I love to write down my thoughts and opinions. And it just so happens that I see life a lot different from the way most of my peers do. A good reason for that is that I find lessons in everything that happens around me to improve myself and question my lifestyle and what I really want. And with a sincere desire to help others improve themselves and get what they want, I started using my experiences and that of others to guide others in the area of self-help.

I especially love writing about love relationships, personal success and motivation. And I write mostly based on true experiences as it makes the content very practical and helpful for my target readers.

"The Journey To Finding Mr. Right" isn't the first digital book I've written; but it's the first I've successfully published. And I feel privileged to author such a book because I know for all the single ladies who read it and make use of the lessons it contains, they'll greatly improve on themselves; their love life and their life.

It's a very practical book, which used mostly my personal love relationship experiences to advice singles on different relationship issues. And it properly guides singles who are seeking a mate or waiting for Mr. Right on what to do to improve their chances in finding that man that is right for them soon. Even a bride-to-be will find some aspect of the book useful.

In The Journey To Finding Mr. Right I shared with you 23 lessons I have learned in my journey to finding Mr. right that is invaluable to having a healthy relationship, choosing the right man for a husband and having a successful marriage.

I continue to write. I'm currently working on another book that I'm sure will be a great self-help book for men and women.

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Smashwords Interview

How did writing start for you?
I had a boring 8-5 job between 2007-2009. It was boring because there was very little for me to do. I had so much time where I was doing nothing. To avoid boredom in the office, I started to read a lot. I read anything that interested me. And at the end of each interesting read, I found myself making my own notes from what I've read. Sometimes even giving it a title. It was like if I had an interesting read; it gave me an article idea. Meanwhile I was already passionate about certain things in life. That was financial independence and self-respect.

And I enjoyed discussing relationship issues with friends. It was very clear to me how a love relationship should be, what is right and acceptable and what is not. I shared that with friends with strong conviction. I've had a few relationships then, relationships that thought me a few good lessons. I don't do regrets because I consider every event that happens to me in life, positive or negative, but especially negative, a lesson learned. So I often accept life lessons and move on. With this character it put me in a position where I could advice others. And in the area of relationship, I found myself giving friends helpful relationship advice.

When I started writing down notes, I wrote about financial independence, certain business success strategies and self-motivation.

By then I was into Network marketing part-time too. Network marketing business earning design was actually what opened my eyes to the benefits of passive incomes; the possibility of continually earning from a business with little to no further effort. It's like work today and earn from it for the rest of your life. I didn't know that was possible or even thought about it. But network marketing business model created that dream for me and after it did I became passionate about it and wanted to not just work towards it but encourage others to do the same. I really never knew how much I hated working for someone else until I discovered Network marketing.

My first ever published content was in a local Newspaper (Financial Standard Newspaper). That should be in early 2009. I approached the Newspaper house to be given a column to share my knowledge about network marketing. And I got it. So once every week they published my content about network marketing business and its success strategies.

But when my elder brother who was already into online content publishing became aware of my newspaper column, he advised that I bring my writing online. He said "today's newspaper is tomorrow's garbage. Take your writing online where you can reach a much bigger audience and your content can continue to be read". So I did.

When I lost my full time job without any warning in 2009 it reminded me of how unreliable the income from working for someone is. And the importance of pursuing an income I have control over. So I decided to become a full time online content publisher and create my own income doing what I love doing - writing practical targeted content that can help thousands.

I still love network marketing. And I still write about it; presently at mlmstarttosuccess.com

Ever since I started full time online content writing, I've written a lot on financial independence, Blogging, Self Improvement and Self-Motivation. My first published ebook was on attaining financial independence and the second was on Blogging. Although I later had to withdraw the two books to be updated and re-targeted.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Ever since my writing career, I've tried to stay away from writing relationship advice books; even relationship advice articles. And that's because often when I read such content they're full of speculations and game playing advice that I don't support.

But in early January 2013 I started the site nigerianweddingsguide.com. A site to provide wedding inspiration ideas and wedding planning advice for brides-to-be. But many singles that are still in a relationship use the site too. And they wanted my help. So I started to welcome relationship help questions. I felt satisfied doing that because they gave me details of the exact problem they’re having in their relationships and I offered advice <em>based on their unique relationship situations</em>; which made it much more helpful than a one fit all advice that you find in most relationship articles.

And doing that the idea for "The Journey To Finding Mr. Right" ebook was born. I was a young girl many years ago. I grew to become a young lady. Now I'm a woman. I've changed over the years especially in character and it's a result of the lessons I learned from my love relationships over the years, that of others around me and life itself.

At least 85% of us single women want a successful relationship and successful marriage. And I had 23 lessons that are based mostly on my personal love relationships and life experiences that can help these ones to achieve exactly what they want.

In The Journey To Finding Mr. Right I shared with you 23 lessons I have learned in my journey to finding Mr. right that is invaluable to having a healthy relationship, choosing the right man for a husband and having a successful marriage. All stages of single ladies; yes even the ones engaged and planning a wedding will find the ebook helpful.
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The Journey To Finding Mr Right
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 39,970. Language: English. Published: December 1, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Dating, Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / Success
The best relationship advice book for women; all single ladies. Singles not in a relationship, those dating, singles in a relationship, singles seeking/waiting for Mr right and even those about to wed will find something to learn from The Journey to Finding Mr. Right ebook. All the lessons it shares is based on true stories; mostly my own love relationships and life stories. It's a must read!

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