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My real name is Karolis Abramavičius but I chose to present myself under a pen name as Carl Abrams.

I live in a small country near the Baltic Sea called Lithuania.

I enjoy writing and it has been like a new phase of my life ever since I started it. From most of all the remaining genres I admire fantasy and science fiction the most. So, I express myself creating stories related to these genres (sci-fi mostly).

I consider science fiction genre to be a prophecy of the future. So, creating your own alternatives means that by chance you can predict the future itself, right? Then why not to try that? I mean, if we looked at the older art related to sci-fi, we could see that their predictions were based on various present tendencies: technological, social processes. Some of the predictions turned out to be quite accurate eventually...

I have a dream of witnessing my creations reaching great cinema screens one day... :) I really pay a lot of attention to value of the content that I write. To be honest, I think that when money and fame is the primary object to an author, then it is all about feeding the main stream media -- that means that such authors basically are not able to create any tangible creative value. Authenticity is the key. Only authentic and dedicated creators can make sure they name prevail throughout the time because they give something different, something from their own heart, SOMETHING OF VALUE.

As you can see not all of my books are related to science fiction. That is because I think it is necessary to try and explore other genres as well. One of them is fantasy - paranormal and mystery stories. I think that this genre is very interesting, since it is related to existencial questions that we know very little about...

Always remember: happiness can be easily found if you dare to listen to your heart!

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The Wander
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 20,060. Language: English. Published: October 8, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Adventure » Action
When an old man Masaji Rizako dares to put an end to his life, he wakes up in his room back at his early twenties. Everything looks more than real — in fact everything is happening again... Masaji decides to make use of his situation and tries to start his life anew. Still, a few wrong steps change the desired course and Masaji finds himself looking at the eyes of death once again... And Still...

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