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  • Liberty for Paul (Regency Historical Romance) on April 18, 2011

    The protagonists of this story have an instant dislike of one another from the very beginning. Or rather Liberty has an instant dislike for Paul, and –within reason- he starts to have some unsavoury feeling toward her. Revenge, being one of Liberty’s loves, is the focal point from the beginning. Liberty wants to cause shame and embarrassment on Paul for having seen her in a state of undress –albeit in a situation that could not be avoided. Because of her rash and not thought out actions, they are forced to marry. Paul is extremely unhappy by this turn of events, especially after being tricked into the position. Liberty tries to be a good wife by acting in a proper manner but Paul soon tries to get her to act herself. You cannot help but laugh at his methods. After some misunderstandings, high emotions and more over reactions from Liberty, they begin to realise their true feelings for each other. Paul is a great character. So unlike other male heroes in other romance books i have read but better for it. He really cares for Liberty and thinks up great ways to help her to realise her true beauty. Liberty has a very contrasting character. She tries to be proper and well mannered but Paul won’t let her hide behind propriety. They are great for one another and make a great couple. Rose Gordon writes in a way that makes you feel as if you are standing there seeing it in front of your very eyes. You feel the emotions the characters are feeling and you can’t help but be pulled into the storyline. The book has some hilarious scenes and is well written. I cannot wait to see Madison’s story in To Wed His Wayward Wife. Liberty for Paul is the second book in a 3 book series and i highly recommend you read each and every one.
  • To Win His Wayward Wife (Regency Historical Romance) on April 23, 2011

    To Win His Wayward Wife is the last in a 3 book series. After reading the first two, i couldn’t wait to read Madison’s story with her mystery man. The beginning of the book shows Madison getting married to a man whose name we do not yet know. If you’ve read Intentions of the Earl or Liberty for Paul you will already have a clue as to two possible candidates. But if you haven’t yet read them, then i would hurry up and get started so you can get to Madison’s amazingly emotional and heart warming story. From the previous books, i already had an opinion of the man –an opinion that didn’t exactly show him in a good light- and at first i thought i could not be moved in this opinion but very soon i came to understand him and even began to like and care for him! I saw a nicer side to him which i did not think he had and it became clear how much he truly cares for her, even if he doesn’t quite know how to show it. The love he has for her feels so real, the kind of love every woman wants. Rose writes with so much emotion that at some points in the book i cried; with both sadness and happiness. Aren’t the best books ones that produce a tear or two? In the story Madison has to marry this mysterious man- to us that is, not her :) -, as much as she doesn’t want to but he couldn’t be more thrilled. Soon after their marriage, danger appears with a few abductions, gun shots and confessions. Once started, i couldn’t put this book down, i was so caught up in her story. Cannot wait for more from Rose, but until then i’ll just keep visiting her website for more interviews with the characters. A definite must read book.