Kay Lawrence


I always loved writing stories. It was one of the few things that ever won me praise in school. I wasn't good at maths, or catching a ball, or remembering historical dates and figures, but I could spin a yarn. I announced at an early age that I planned to be a writer and keep my parents in style. Now, all these years later I am a writer, though the style I'm keeping my parents in is probably not all they might have hoped for.

As a writer I'm a bit of a butterfly, flitting through age ranges and genre as the mood takes me. My children's fantasy adventure series, The Boldre Wood Trilogy, has now made its debut on Kindle in the form of Book One, Billy of Boldre Wood. Boldre Wood is home to a miniature race of people who live in the ancient trees, fighting for survival in a hostile world. Book Two will follow, hopefully, later this year.

In meantime, I'm working on a collection of short stories for Kindle, 'The QT Anthology', as well as adding to the growing library of shorts on my website: http://www.quirkytales.co.uk

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