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Kay Urlich lives in Auckland New Zealand. After years of suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Kay began an intensive twenty year journey to explore different energy healing methods
Kay travelled the world to further her knowledge and for the last twelve years has been writing about the dynamic treatment that emerged as she was spiritually guided through the Structure Of Energy Fields
After scores of profound healing encounters, around the wisdoms and gifts that lay within the consciousness of our own bodies, she is now sharing this information.
Since 1998 Kay has been writing for magazines on the subject of energy fields and has appeared on television to demonstrate this work.
Her books explain how our energy fields and their structure reflect in our daily lives and the people around us, and explains how this information is vital for anybody wishing to heal themselves or their relationships.
Kay works solely with this healing gift, helping people overcome anxiety, depression, drug addiction, childhood and unconscious trauma, and much more as they awaken from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

There are three books in the series The Structure of Energy Fields. Books one and three are currently available as ebooks, and book two, Soul Mate or Soul Inmate, will be available shortly.

Print copies available from Soteh Publishing.

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