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Kayla Denise Smith was born on December 21st, 1987 to a family of four in Montgomery, Alabama. Linda, her loving and nurturing mother. Tony, her hard working father. Jeananne, her caring older sister. Scott, her protective older brother who always showed her tough love and stood up for his baby sister on more than one occasion.

Born with a bilateral cleft lip and open palate, she was helpless for the better part of five years. Shortly after her birth, a family friend suggested to them that they go speak with the Shriners. There was also a man at church who was a Shriner that agreed with the idea. Linda took the advice and went to visit the Alcazar Shrine Temple. Come to find out, the Shriners were a wonderful, charitable group whose main focus was helping children who had suffered severe burns, and more. At four months old, Kayla had her first surgery -an operation that could have very well cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, completely free of charge- at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Chicago, Illinois while accompanied by her mother. Eventually, the traveling became too much on the mother and daughter and they were transferred to a hospital a little closer to home. The rest of her surgeries were done at the Shriners unit in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Often picked on for her birth defect, Kayla didn't have many friends. Being a big fan of anime and video games, she began to read fanfiction at eleven and even started to write her own at the age of twelve. Reading the work of others also helped her to improve her own writing. Being drawn to romance immediately, that was primarily what she wrote. In junior high school, the bullying got worse. The teenager became depressed and was in so much emotional pain that she began cutting, just so she could focus on something else. Anything that could take her mind off the severe emotional torment she was going through. That school was also the place that she met her new and soon to be best friend, Shelbi. Feeling an instant connection, as if she was truly accepted for once in her life, she clung to the fellow anime fan and gamer for dear life through the wild roller coaster ride that was junior high school. Regardless, the bullying didn't stop and neither did the hurting. That was when writing became a must for her. It was her outlet to happiness, a way to escape the pain of reality. Her own little world. Together, the two created the clan and it became a huge part of their daily lives. While she was stuck in the hospital for her surgeries, all she did was write. While writing may have been her primary source of survival in school, the Harry Potter series came in a very close second.

Academics were never really her strong point, especially when Math was involved. At sixteen, she ended up dropping out of school, getting a job, and pursuing her GED. This was also around the time where she entered the, “I don't give a damn about what anybody thinks of me. To hell with them.” stage of her life. Finally, Kayla loved herself and who she was and to this day, she wouldn't change a single thing. The young woman continued to write off and on throughout the years and improved herself. Just before her twenty-first birthday, she had her final surgery. And not long after turning twenty-one, she was discharged from the care of the Shriners for good. A couple years later, she finally decided on what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to be an author. Writing was her biggest passion and she loved it. There were several people -who supposedly loved her and cared about her- that openly put her down for her 'lousy, unattainable dream.' Often, they expressed their disappointment in what she wanted to do and even more frequently told her that she should go after a bigger, better career because she would never make it in the writing world. Slowly, she weeded out all of the negative influences in her life. Kayla made an inner oath to herself that she would prove them all wrong and she would silently enjoy rubbing it in their faces.

With that thought, she continued to do what she loved. She wrote simple little erotic shorts involving different men from the clan and the Sun Goddess, some of which actually have plot from the original story line. Plans to write the bigger tale explaining how Katherene came to be, how things work within the clan, and the story of the fight for their world's existence is a definite possibility. The best advice Kayla can offer to anybody who might be in a similar situation as she was in is to hold your head high, be who you are, and don't let anybody keep you from achieving what you want in life. After all, life is too short to let the thoughts of others rule you.

“I love and adore being creative, having a brilliant mind and the brain power to think, create, write, and in a way make it real. It's amazing. That's my passion.” -Kayla Smith

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Affairs of a Sun Goddess
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 10,890. Language: English. Published: June 3, 2013 by NexGeneration Digital Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy, Fiction » Erotica » Paranormal
Follow Katherene through her experiences as an undercover vampire dating humans as her clan works to take over the city that they reside in. Kat easily seduces a detective who will become the key to giving her clan the power that they desire. If you like vampires, romance and seduction...then check this book out today! This is the first short story in a series.

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