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Hi everyone,
I am a new author from Clemson, SC. I have completed my first novel, Replaced By a Stranger, and I am so excited to share it with everyone.
I have another project on the way and I can assure my readers that all of my work is based on true stories, heart felt and holds nothing back. I hope you enjoy!

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Smashwords book reviews by KC Stone

  • My Life as a Sex-o-Gram: Book One on July 10, 2011

    Nikkie Blaise is honest, gritty and seductive with her experiences. Her character delivers jaw-dropping stories that will make you quiver with excitement but cringe from shear thought of things that could go wrong. Each story is just as intense as the previous one and you will not be disappointed. Sexy, Erotic and Explosive! KC Stone - Replaced By a Stranger www.kcstone.webs.com Also posting review on my website!
  • On Bended Knees on July 10, 2011

    Ginger is Sweet, Sexy and Super Slippery! This short story definitely made me want more! KC Stone www.kcstone.webs.com
  • Blue, Selected Short Stories Vol. Two on July 11, 2011

    This amazing set of short stories is sure to be a delightful read for all genres. Wodke Hawkinson expresses different but exceptional writing styles. Page after page, each story will draw you in to the characters, feeling every emotion whether it is the grief and pain of G, Dennis or Blue or the arrogance of Dick Speed. A few of my favorites… In, Death Hates His Job, G takes us down a path of the cruelest and dirtiest of jobs. The turmoil that he faces with each visit finally wears at him until he can take now more. But he soon realizes the significance of his role and can fulfill his duties knowing there are angels working with him. The Deconstruction of Dennis engages your mind into the life of someone who is raging a war with himself. How could something so simple and diminutive take over one’s world to the point of no return? To his family and outsiders, Dennis is being “retarded” and needs to get over his obsession. However, the controlling fear and anxiety is too much for Dennis. What would have happen if someone would have just listened to him… the one person he wanted to please the most… what if? Blue is the amazing story of a brave little girl named Blue. After being sent to live with the Clappers, Blue is forced to live with the “white trash” that her momma tried to save her from. Living in a home full of uncles, aunts and cousins, this family tree did not have many branches. While finding a small but shameful comfort in her Uncle Jez, Blue learned more of her dead siblings and her of deceased momma. But she also knew that she did not belong in the incestuous Clapper family and with the help of her friend Carmen, she broke free. I really enjoyed every story and can't wait to read more of Wodke Hawkinson!
  • Forever Sunshine on July 14, 2011

    Love is a powerful feeling to say the least. In Forever-Sunshine, Collette Scott not only captured the vital emotions associated with love, but she also revealed the true meaning of it. Cherisse… young, vibrant and inexperienced in the “real world” was my best friend from the beginning. She is forced into reality with a simple knock on her door by her sister, Sherry, and her life would never be the same. Miracles can come in strange little packages that are sometimes disguised as handsome, powerful, and mouth-watering men, like Brandon. Brandon walked beside Cherisse from the first “accident” to the very last, guiding her and giving her the strong embrace that would see her through it all. Every good woman should have a Brandon in her life! This novel is truly amazing from the first page, however, it shares an ugly truth with its readers. Domestic violence is a slithering poisonous snake waiting in the weeds. You may not see it in your daily talks with your neighbor, at your school PTA meetings or even at the family barbeque. But while trying to stay hidden and out of sight, this snake with strike leaving everyone around it in fear and turmoil. Collette Scott does a wonderful job shedding light on this dangerous issue by writing a compelling love story that proves the pain, joy and triumph of true love. You will smile at the flirtatious comments, become breathless with the passion, and will fight back the tears with little success. It was my pleasure to read such a touching story. KC Stone
  • Catch Her in the Rye, Selected Short Stories Vol. One on July 17, 2011

    Hawkinson exercises an extraordinary imagination and welcomes even the pickiest readers. This selection is a great sampling of the many talents of writing from Hawkinson. Whether it is the twisted story of Bent Tines, the spine tingling Bingo Killer, or the good deeds of The Benefactor, readers will surely be pleased from the beginning to end. Personal favorites would include The Bony Men where Jonquil and Aspen are taunted by seeing the unexplained, and Callie’s Fiddle which reminds us that many people are happy and content with what they have. KC Stone "Replaced By a Stranger"
  • Hannah's Blessing on Aug. 16, 2011

    Diana was ready to start a new life after the death of her promiscuous husband. A life that would included raising her beautiful daughter Hannah, and never trusting men again. The scars of her marriage were deep and painful… would she ever let herself love again? When Hannah’s life is in jeopardy, Diana questions the true intentions of Devlan Doyle and why he is so willing to come to their rescue. A man of power, wealth and determination, Devlan takes matters in his own hands and shows Diana and Hannah what a wonderful new life they could have with him. But is it too much for Diana? As the press and celebrity gossip take its toll on their new relationship, Diana finds her self not questioning if she will ever love again, but instead if she deserves Devlan’s love that once came so easily. When Forever Sunshine grabbed by heart, I couldn’t wait to read something… anything else from Collette Scott. Her novels flow naturally, grabbing your attention from first page to the last. She builds up her romances with growing suspense that will tease you with ever turn of the page. Try and put it down once you start reading… I dare you… it’s almost impossible. KC Stone Replaced By a Stranger