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My name is Kellie and i am a 20 something secretary. I love litature whether writing or reading. Though i write i have not published anything i just do it for fun and to let my imagination roam. I love reading and i set my goal for 90 books every year. The thing about reading is i love to reveiw books and share my experiences with other people. Nothing is better then sharing the enjoyment you feel for a great book.


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Smashwords book reviews by Kellie White

  • Heritage of Deceit on May 22, 2014

    Heritage of Deceit is a wonderful combination of love, lies, geed, and consequence. With simple characters and a thought out concept, "Heritage of Deceit" is a wonderful short read. The triangle of feeling between Lloyd, Carla , and Robert, is interesting to say the least. Robert and Lloyd are coworkers/acquaintances until Lloyd approaches Robert with a offer he can't refuse pertaining to Carla, a coworker who has a serious thing for Robert, and the secret they think she is hiding. Robert decides to get closer to Carla to see if in fact what Lloyd says is true , and in doing so creates a bond with Carla. Later on, as a another character who is tied to Robert some how, enters the story, all hell breaks lose, turning this short story from harmless deceit to a violent greed with the worse consequences ever. I really enjoyed how Graham Downs incorporated the element of surprise in this short story, giving the plot extra depth and even provides a little shock factor for the reader. This is definitely a story that sticks in someone's head for a while. Even as I write this review I think back to the book and remember little details that I didn't tie into certain events in the book, giving me the notion that this might be one of those books that deserve a second read.
  • This Paper World on June 22, 2014

    "This Paper World" by Jeff Lane is one of the most refreshing reads I have encountered so far this year. It is a well thought out thriller with all sorts of twists and turns, that leaves you begging for more. The book starts off with the reader briefly meeting Troy Green in a prologue. This prologue gives the reader a small look into what a Champion is and what they are capable of doing, as well as, a look into their biggest enemy, the Spoilers. With these facts in mind the book starts and the reader is introduced to Jim Hunt, a normal college student that is attending a school miles away from his hometown, and Nathaniel "Park" Parker his older hometown neighbor and friend. As the adventure unfolds, Jim comes home from school for Christmas breaks and finds out after a discussion with Park that he is not just a normal college student, that he has the potential to be a Champion. With this knowledge, not only can Jim change his life forever but he can help protect the world from the most dangerous congregation of people. However, it is only up to Jim how he wants to use this knowledge, does he join Park and the others or does he simply go Rogue. I absolutely enjoyed this book. It is a refreshing addition to the Sci-Fi genre. The plot was not only well thought out but completely original. It contained unpredictable twists that started at the beginning of the book and went all the way to the end, making this book extremely hard to put down. The main characters and the supporting characters were wonderful and likable. Not only did the main characters have in depth stories about their pasts but the supporting characters did too, which is a wonderful change from other books. This is one of those books that even when you are not reading it, you are thinking about it. It takes over your mind and might even leak a little into your reality (did that person that passed you on the street smell a little weird or did the guy you stood behind in line have a weird smoke like mist coming from him). All in all this was an amazing book and I definitely recommend it and sure hope that there are more adventures to come.
  • Heaven and Earth: Paranormal Flash Fiction on April 14, 2015

    "Heaven and Earth: Paranormal Flash Fiction"s a fast fun read. With six flash fiction stories Graham Downs covers everything from horror to humor. I enjoyed this fast read, however, I do wish there were more stories. I recommend this book to new readers of Graham Downs. It gives the reader a taste of just how talented Graham is, without giving too much away, influencing the reader to explore more into his works. This is not my first time reading Graham Downs and I will still continue to seek out and enjoy his work. He is a wonderful and intense story teller, a must read author for anyone.