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Ken Lovan was born in Mobile, AL and spent his early years in Nashville, TN. He moved to Rabun, Alabama to live with his aunt and uncle at the age of fourteen. 
At eighteen, Ken joined the U.S. Navy and served an eighteen-month tour in Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam as an Electricians Mate, working on Swift Boats and other Brown Water Craft.
'Love Goes To Nam' is based on true events directly before, during, and after that time.
After his service in Vietnam, Ken was stationed in Mayport, FL on the USS Kaskaskia where he met his wife, Denise, in Jacksonville Beach, FL. 
Ken has worked as a Construction Laborer, Commercial Electrician's Helper, Shipyard Electrician, Musician, Lead-Man Yacht Electrician, Quality Control Technician, and Manager, Marine Electrician & Electronics Technician and has been the owner/operator of Sharkman Seafood, Seaside Handyman, and Aqua Marine Electric.
He is now happily retired and currently resides with his family, in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Smashwords Interview

Describe your desk
I use a Mac Laptop connected to my TV so I can write in my favorite easy chair. The Laptop also doubles as a Media Device for Netflix, Amazon TV, and other Internet-related tasks. If my wife wants to watch TV, I use my old Mac Laptop on my small, thirty-inch by twenty-inch desk. I'm able to out type my old computer because it's slower than syrup on a pancake. I think it's coal-fired.
In the past, I wrote whenever and wherever I could. For instance, during lunch break at my shipyard job, after cramming down my food, I wrote on a yellow pad and copied it onto my computer at night. I can remember writing on a laptop as a passenger in a vehicle during a vacation trip. Inspiration is difficult to ignore.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
My childhood spreads far and wide; I was born in Mobile, AL and my parents moved to several small towns in Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee before settling. I spent my younger years in East Nashville, TN until they divorced. When my dad remarried, we moved to Old Hickory Lake, a pre-teen boy's dream, with fishing, swimming, and running with my best friend, Tiny Tim, my Cocker Spaniel who was the runt of the litter. When my step-mom, who was a blessing, finished work she would collect me from the Library where I waited after school, and drive us from Nashville to our home on the lake.
After finishing my homework in the Library, I developed a love for Science Fiction and reading in general, which led to writing later in life. It continued as a kind of self-imposed therapy, thirty years after Vietnam, which made me realize how much I enjoyed it.
After my dad's third wife, I ran away from home, which is described in Love Goes To Nam. That's when I went to live with my aunt and uncle in Rabun, Alabama and then joined the US Navy, etc. This is also in the book, which is about ninety percent true but is published as fiction.
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