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Hi! I'm Kendall, I'm 17 and I am from Scotland. I love reading and I would normally be referred to as a geek but my answer to that is maybe authors should stop making their books so good and then I would stop reading them!

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Smashwords book reviews by Kendall McCubbin

  • Enlightened on Nov. 11, 2012

    I was really looking forward to reading this book after reading The Light Tamer and it did not disappoint! Again the plot was amazing and paced perfectly enough to hold my interest and again it was original! It was great to find out more about Light Tamers as well! The characters grew so much since the first book and it was good to see more characters be introduced! Jessie was again a strong main character! It was good to see her grow and become more mature! Caleb was even more protective of Jessie and he was so cute! I thought that Caleb and Jessie's relationship developed quickly in the first book then I got a big surprise at the end of this book! Thorne Woodson was such a good character! I liked that he was sure of himself and also how protective he was of Jessie but I really liked that it didn't develop into a love triangle! Amber was again so funny! Her lines continued to make me laugh again and again! I cannot wait to read the next book in this series after that massive ending! I really like the cover and also how different it is compared to the first book in this series! Big thank you to Devyn for a copy of Enlightened!
  • Lunangelique on Nov. 25, 2012

    I was really looking forward to reading this book and it was really good! I went into it with my own expectations and I do think that my expectations were pretty high! The plot was very good but I thought that it devolped quite slowly compared to some other books that I have read but it was good! The plot was different to others books that I have read anI also liked most of the characters as well! Alexis "Lexi" is the main character and to be honest I really didn't like her at the start but I did start to like her as the book progressed! Alex was Lexi's twin brother and I really liked him! He was smart and cute! Cole Astaroth was the love interest of Lexi and I liked him but I didn't like that he kept a lot of secrets from Lexi! He was hot though! There is sort of a love triangle at the beginning of this book but it doesn't last all the way through and it also wasn't the main focus of the story which I loved! The cover is also pretty! Big thank you Kristin for giving me a copy of Lunangelique!