K. Kendall

Smashwords book reviews by K. Kendall

  • Peculiar Rhymes and Intimate Observations: A Book of Light Verse on Oct. 27, 2012

    I’ve been following Moonbeam’s funny, heart-breaking, brilliantly-written blog since 2006, as it has documented the end of a relationship, the acquisition of a dog, the birth of a grandchild, several thankless and demanding jobs, illness, hope, and a new roommate she calls Amadeus. He’s a bass player who performs in barrooms and has a kind heart, and back when she moved into a shared apartment with him, I predicted he might end up being the love of her life--and bingo! I was right. They got married a few months ago. Now she's done this book of light verse. She has an irrepressible spirit, and she likes to go fishing. She’s a working class woman with southern roots who has had a hard-scrabble life with nary a pot to piss in. She writes about music, about women surviving menopause, about kids and dogs, dead poets and dead-end jobs. She even writes light verse about her father’s suicide, but she does it so well that I’m sure he’d have loved it himself. Her book costs less than a cup of coffee, so do yourself a favor and buy it. It’ll stay with you much longer than even the best cup of coffee.