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Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I do! When I was young, I used to write plays to perform with my little sister and a friend. We would force our parents to watch and there was ALWAYS some nefarious character, usually paranormal in some way, who was trying to pull one over on the rest of us. I guess technically I never wrote those down, so the first story I wrote was in high school, it was called "The Midnight Visitor" and it was about a vampire who finds a boy she wants to turn into her vampire mate. I shared it with some friends and they all thought it was great, but looking back on it now (and reading it again) I'm pretty sure they were just trying not to hurt my feelings!
What is your writing process?
It looks something like this...sit down to write, google something, turn on music, check email, write for a little while, watch a video on Youtube, get something to drink, write a little, repeat. When I am in a writing mood however, I can stay focused on writing for hours and I can usually knock out a chapter per day, which is about as much as I ever force myself to write. Recently however, I did edit 23 chapters in one day, which was a personal record.
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