Everyone's life is always in danger, particularly those people who live in high-risk life conditions. These people are those who suffer from life-threatening ailments such as hypertension and post traumatic stress disorders. Moreover, an individual's occupation also dictates the risk of life conditions, for example, military and police officers belong to this categorization.

Every life insurance company has their specialization. Some of them focus on handing out non-high risk life insurances, whereas others render life insurances for the high-risk applicant. PTSDlifeinsurance searched for the most reliable insurance companies for high-risk conditions. Here are the life insurance companies which offer the best rate suitable for any high-risk applicant.

• Prudential offer high-risk life insurance for smokers, diabetes, asthma and other diseases. o Legal & General America focus on helping PTSD patients.

• Phoenix life insurance is the best option for Epilepsy, COPD, Crohn's disease and other conditions.

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