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Smashwords book reviews by KeriBringonthebooks

  • Necromancer's Whisper, Hypnotic Journey Book 5 on Sep. 27, 2014

    Fantastic! Well written! The best book of the series so far! This tale has our heroes sailing across the sea to the human realm where magic is not only forbidden but doesn't exist for everyone except the king's mysterious and evil mistress. She takes Jack prisoner and all hell breaks loose when Nicole finally finds him. It's action packed and throughally enjoyable!
  • Forbidden Quest, 2nd Edition on Oct. 01, 2014

    Very inventive! Action packed, romantic, sexy, strong female characters, hot guys and suspense filled romp through a magical land. A Must Read for any paranormal fan!
  • Pseudo Personality on Oct. 01, 2014

    WOW! I couldn't put it down. Josh is a hot down to earth regular guy faced with trying to bed a sophisticated, intelligent woman who doesn't believe in committment until after 3 years of dating. The side story about the sheriff and the artist was an extra delight. I loved them! Suspense and thrills without the erotica- it was refreshing and fun!
  • The Power of His Touch, Archangel Book 2 on Nov. 06, 2017

    This book tells the tale of Rafi, the healer who is a bit forlorn after watching Gabriel fall in love. He decides he deserves love too but in the midst of searching for it he must save the world from a pandemic that a demon has created. Naturally, he finds love at the center of the pandemic with a young bio-chemist then all hell breaks loose. GREAT FUN!!
  • Order of Succession, Royal Duty on Nov. 06, 2017

    What do you do when you love two men at the same time AND politics dictates you choose for the safety of your people? Kaelyn faces this and so much more when she must rise to a position of power she never wanted and discovers a love she'd long forsaken. GREAT READ! Lots of action, romance, and suspense.