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  • Whirl of the Wheel on March 03, 2010

    A Fantastic read, Totally absorbing characters,developed very quickly. Good twists and turns in the plot, and an unexpected ending, A feel good kind of story, Roll on the second book,
  • Catch an Honest Thief on April 28, 2010

    A female psychiatrist, small / average in stature but with a dark secret, who works in a new community, a sort of experimental scientific City called Haven is powered in an unusual method, and also is trying out a different ways of doing things, This “City” is mistrusted, misunderstood and definitely not the place to be, according to the ordinary local townsfolk who think Havens residents witches, weirdo’s or nutter’s. OK, OK not all that thrilling you may think? Wrong! Not you might think a strong female lead character? Wrong Again! Our leading lady develops very quickly, and once the scene is set, the plot in this unusual story fairly speeds along and all the important characters soon grab the reader’s interest, The conclusion is perhaps obvious, as is relationship development, but boy the author keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering just how each problem might be solved in an attempt to save Haven Oh and the psychiatrist, she’s an expert shot with any kind of gun and tough like old boot leather, yet vulnerable enough to bring out the big brother in us all Can Dr Alexia Zimmerman save Haven, and herself whilst maintaining her secret? Well to find out, you will have to read: - Catch an Honest Thief By Maria E. Schneider Definitely one TBR (To Be Read)
  • Thin Blood on May 29, 2010

    WOW A book about a Murdered woman, the Husband who killed her, was cleared of murder, Twice, the dead woman’s sister who falls for the murderer, The sister works with a guy, who has a girlfriend, who has just lost her job as a journalist! The ex-journalist, well she’s not the kind of woman who gives up, at anything, Stubborn, no, STUBBORN is more like it, Tenacious, well yes, Like a Pit Bull is soft and gentle , This woman boy she has Attitude by the bucket load, So her boyfriend says “Don’t Get Involved” And he REALLY expected her to LISTEN! YEAH Right, Men can be stupid. If you think only big name authors right good books think again, This is one hell of a good book, the characters are fabulously portrayed, the main lady, Jacinta, is a really sassy, interesting and above all you know straight away she will unravel the mystery The pace of the story is fast and furious, Will Jacinta clear the Husband, save his relationship with the sister, and then find the murderer? Thin Blood is charging up the lists at Amazon, Believe me this will be BESTSELLER No 1 for Vicki Tyley, and not her last if this is anything to go by, Read It! And Vicki will be a very BIG NAME, Very Soon!
  • Impeding Justice on Dec. 20, 2010
    (no rating)
    Wasn’t sure about this book, but thought I’d give it a Go, A female cop, loses her partner and best friend on the first pages, the Killer is not the kind of guy you take home to meet Daddy, Retribution being important, this guy kills the family of anyone who crosses him, so when one of his “ Girls” a teenager, comforts another girl, he sees it as betrayal, her whole family are executed in horrific fashion, and she’s made to watch the video of it, along with the other girls to teach the a lesson, Meanwhile, Mr Nice Guy kidnaps our Cop Heroine’s teenage daughter, and threatens to kill her, He later kidnaps our cop lead’s father, himself an ex cop, Well I won’t say what else happens, Don’t want to spoil the plot, Lets just say that Melanie Comley leaves room for a sequel at the end, and why is that good … Simply put this is a brilliant intriguing thriller, Not a family book to read to the kids, but if you want an absorbing story of Kidnap, Rape, Murder and Torture, well this is certainly the book for you, The characters develop into believable realistic people, the depravity is as realistic as it could get, but it is not all gore, there is a very well crafted story, hints of romance, marital discord and trouble with the kids, so that’s normal life right? The author gives us our moneys worth, even though she sells it at a quarter the price it should be, I’m waiting for the sequel, and for it to make the Best Seller List, One you shouldn’t miss!
  • Executive Sick Days on March 02, 2011

    Sedona’s back, and she’s working with the Huntimgdon’s again … Well that should mean a safe peaceful dull job right? Not another dangerous assignment surely, And surely working undercover as a Hospital Volunteer, cleaning up “Brown Outs” and having your lunch stolen from the rest room refrigerator can’t be dangerous right? And what about Mark Huntingdon? Is he interested in Sedona? Will they ever have a proper date? Well most of us can’t see any danger there, not even when someone is charging for scans and procedures that never happen, And even a Rattlesnake in the hospital can’t ruin Sedona’s day, So who is copying x-rays, labelling them with wrong patient’s names, and pocketing the ill-gotten gains? Will Sedona’s parents ruin the day, and Why is her brother Dean hiding news from their parents and his siblings, Will Sean stop his wife seeing Sedona as his sister is such a bad influence when Brenda is in her state, Is it Sedona’s fault Brenda dresses like a demented Santa? Ok so maybe at first the story looked to be rather tame, but it soon hot’s up, I had thought Maria had removed the danger, removed the interest, but as usual Sedona is never far from trouble, and as usual the story and the characters are well crafted, the dialogues realistic and appropriate to the setting, As for who done it, well I guessed at several likely candidates, but no, I got it wrong, and kicked myself, the clues were there, and no the demented Santa didn’t do it ! If you’;ve read the first two books, this one lives up to the standard, even betters it, if however this is your first meeting with Sedona you’re in for a treat, and won’t find it too hard to get into the story which could easily be a standalone, The books nicely formatted and there are no glaring errors anywhere, It’s worth the price three or four times over, Will Sedona be back for number 4 or will she retire into obscurity? Any clues Maria?