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  • Hometown Prophet on June 28, 2012

    This is my first foray into Christian fiction. And I must say that the plot was fairly compelling. I can sympathize with Peter Quill and the circumstances in which he finds himself. But his conversion experience did not exactly ring true with me. I got beyond that and was able to suspend disbelief and enjoy the remainder of the book. I can especially sympathize with Peter Quill's disollusionment with the state of the modern church. I can only imagine that God must be even much more disollusioned! And because of that, I found the possibility of God speaking to and through Peter Quill to be a very interesting means of communication between God and mankind. There were a few things that troubled me. I was not comfortable with some of the activities that Peter Quill chose to engage in. We can have a discussion about the issue of alcohol in the life of a Christian, but I have a hard time accepting the week-end getaway. I think the issues addressed by the dreams were powerful and appropriate to today. And I was pleased to see the redemption story as played out in many of the characters. The whole genre of Christian fiction is difficult to handle without offending some segment of those who call themselves Christians. And I think that Mr. Fullmer did a pretty good job of trying to balance those sensibilities. This review also posted on my blog at