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Kevin M.J. Murphy is an author and entertainment IP (intellectual property) creator specializing in action, Science Fiction and boys action animated and live action properties.

Kevin began his career writing in 1996 writing for multiple titles in the short lived but highly acclaimed Quest Studios Anthology comic. Kevin wrote the stories for: Frank Robinson’s “Buffalo Soldiers”, Uko Smith’s “Eco” and his own independent comic, “Regiment.”

Kevin followed his stint with Quest by becoming a partner in Strateia Studios teaming for the first time with Deon Nuckols creating the entire universe and penning 3 books on their comic series, Emmisary published in 1998. He also co-created the comic series, Metalstorm and assisted on the creation of Stratiea Studios comic properties: Liberty, Men of Valor, Heirforce and LOJ.

During his time with Strateia Studios Kevin began freelance work with Hasbro Toy Group's Fantasy Factory and in 2000 began working on characters for television adaptions of Elric of Melnebone and Magic The Gathering.

In 2002 Kevin began work with Ratti Entertainment for which he wrote the treatment and original screen play for the Black Salt feature film, creating all of the characters and organizing the entire universe for the IP. Kevin was subsequently called upon to create an animated series for the Black Salt universe, Legend of New Shaolin.

In 2004 Kevin and Deon Nuckols launched Strateia Entertainment for which Kevin co-created along with Deon Nuckols the animated and live action properties: Guardians, Protectors of The Light, Robo Lobo, Di.N.A, Grrrlz, My Friend Jin, Pre-school Samurai and Action Inc.

In 2006 Strateia landed a distribution deal with Fox 4kids for Guardians. Kevin went on to found 808 Media & Entertainment LLC. in 2013 and has created and is developing multiple web television series and Intellectual properties including: Step Up Your Style w/ Alonzo Madison, Couture Life, Soul Searching (The search for the origins of Soul Food), Internet Famous, Rook and VSM, Video Shopping Marketplace

Kevin is currently completing the first book in his fighting fantasy novel series, "Where Warriors Go."

Kevin can be reached at or on Linkedin.

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