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Catherine Stein
Latest book: Earth Earls Are Easy.
Published February 29, 2024.
Celia Lake
Latest book: Elemental Truth.
Pre-release—available December 13, 2024.
Jackie Lau
Latest book: Three Reasons to Run.
Pre-release—available August 27, 2024.
Kara Jorgensen
Latest book: The Reanimator's Remains.
Pre-release—available October 29, 2024.
Kate Bateman
Latest book: Il Prezzo del Diavolo.
Published May 3, 2023.
Lainey Davis
Latest book: Forging Chaos.
Pre-release—available January 9, 2025.
Tara Wyatt
Latest book: One Enchanted Evening.
Published March 15, 2024.
Tilly Wallace
Latest book: Constancy.
Pre-release—available September 3, 2024.

Smashwords book reviews by Kimberley Shore

  • On The Bias on Jan. 09, 2023

    Delightful story looking at those Below Stairs and craftspeople in Albion. Mystery and plots continue to follow Lord Carillon, but this time we get to see it from the view of his man, Thomas Benton. The unfurling of Benton’s relationship with Cassie, Carillon’s modiste, is endearing. Another enjoyable look inside a segment of Albion life.
  • Goblin Fruit on Jan. 09, 2023

    Goblin Fruit is a lovely fantasy romance with a mystery inside. Carillon and Lizzie make a good couple. (On a side note, I appreciated the bi rep in the story being part of the character but not the central focus of the character.) While I enjoyed Outcrossing, I felt Goblin Fruit was definitely an improvement in storytelling and in craft. I have enjoyed the world of Albion in the Mysterious Powers and Charms of Albion series that I read, and look forward to continuing to learn about the people who live within Lord Carillon’s sphere.
  • In The Cards on Jan. 09, 2023

    In the Cards is a lovely book about finding love and connection during and after recovery around which a Golden Age of Mystery locked door murder needs solving. It is nice to see Laura post-Goldwasser. The overarching themes of class and courage in growth are here. Albion continues to be a favorite place for me to visit.
  • Magician's Hoard on Jan. 09, 2023

    Magician’s Hoard is a gaslamp fantasy romance involving an Anglo-Egyptian scholar and an English bookseller. The book includes dealing with the racial, cultural and gender discrimination in 1920s Albion (magical England) as well as a mystery/quest regarding a hidden Roman hoard. I liked Ibis and Pross very much and the way they each valued the other in ways most of the people they met in daily life did not. The secondary characters were also enjoyable. Something I like about Lake’s stories is the lack of a Great Confrontation between a Big Bad and the main characters at the end of a mystery. In real life (yes, remembering this is a fantasy), law enforcement such as the Garda and more senior officials would deal with that. The identified problems aren’t always immediately solved. Sometimes things take time and multiple steps. I am enjoying stepping into the world of Albion and am looking forward to the next book.
  • Wards of the Roses on Jan. 09, 2023

    Giles lost his eyesight in a magical gas attack at Flanders during WWI. Kate has been in The Guard since before the War. During the war, she fulfilled varied duties, but since the men returned home, she’s been relegated to portal patrols and the like. A superior officer, recognizing her unused talents, pairs her up with Giles to investigate the sudden reappearance of a manor home that disappeared in the late 1400s. Through their work, Giles and Kate learn how to interact with each other, and by doing so, fall in love. It’s a lovely story about magic and finding your best place in a unwelcoming world and finding love through respect and acknowledgment of each other’s gifts. I am loving making my way through the world of Albion.
  • Manners and Monsters Collection 2 on Jan. 09, 2023

    I very much enjoyed the second half of the Manners and Monsters series. The mysteries were enjoyable and the storyline running through all the books was resolved very well. Marian Hussey’s narration was great. I really had fun with this series, and am a bit sad that there is only an epilogue novella left.
  • Mistletoe and Mireworth on Jan. 09, 2023

    Mistletoe and Mireworth is a sweet finale to the Monsters and Mysteries series. It was lovely to see where life took the group after the events of Hessians and Hellhounds. It was a warm story about love fulfilled in many ways. Marian Hussey did a wonderful job. I’m sad to say goodbye to Hannah and Wycliff but what a lovely way to say farewell.
  • Seven Sisters on Jan. 27, 2023

    An enjoyable mystery and view into the Fatae mentioned in other books, but the romance did not catch on for me. Rather disappointing as I like to see later in life romances. Enjoyable, but definitely not a top book of Albion.
  • Forged in Combat: A Victorian fantasy romance prequel on Feb. 04, 2023

    The story of Arthur and Melusina is very sweet with great regard and magical competence porn. However, the setting during the British Raj left me unable to fully enjoy the book. It does make me want to reread Carry On.
  • A Stag Family Christmas on July 29, 2023

    A Stag Family Christmas is a fun continuation of the stories from the first three Stag Family books. It was nice to see what happened after the HEA.
  • Eidolon on July 29, 2023

    Eidolon is an excellent fantasy and romance. The WTF?? moment at the end of Radiance leads directly into the start of Eidolon. The worldbuilding is fantastic. The differences between the Kai and the humans continue to be noted by each race in a way that is illuminating and believable, as well as comical at times. The galla are truly nightmarish and visceral. Brishen and Ildiko are a great couple, not perfect, but the love and loyalty and attraction are always there. They make hard decisions and support each other. Sha-Anhuset is a fierce warrior. She is a favorite fictional character of mine. I get a lot of pleasure from her, whether it is her demonstration of fierceness and loyalty for Brishen and Ildiko or her grouchy banter with Serovek. I am looking forward to sha-Anhuset and Serovek in The Ippos King. I don’t want to give much away of the story because I think it will lessen the enjoyment. I do think that those who enjoyed Radiance will also enjoy Eidolon. I am happily continuing to read other books in this world.
  • A Shot to the Heart on July 29, 2023

    Very enjoyable steampunk romance with a female Olympic archer and a male inventor. Low angst, mystery, automated dragons and a nice amount of spice. I had fun with this book.
  • Beautiful Game on July 29, 2023

    Beautiful Game is the fifth and final book in the Stag Brothers series. This brother is a half-brother who no one knew about. He is a professional soccer player who finds out who his father is thanks to an ambush by a local journalist at a press conference. Tim Stag is the attorney for the team and finds out at the same time. Hawk’s story is about his search for identity and family. Lucy is a single mother who escaped an abusive marriage (not yet physically) and is struggling to provide for her son and herself while fighting to protect themselves from her ex and his awful parents. Lucy is hired as the strengthening and conditioning coach of Hawk’s team. Her relationship with Hawk grows from there. Her journey is about finding her family of creation and triumphing over her abuser. It is a good story with some spice. Definite cw/tw for discussion of historical abuse and current stalking.