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Kim Maya Sutton was born in 1974 in Berlin, Germany. She moved over 20 times, and lived on two continents.
She always needs to have a dog around, loves the ocean and the mountains and feels most comfortable when she is working on at least three different projects at any given time.
Her current roles include: director of publishing house, wife, author, cook, lecturer, and host mum.

Kim has always loved reading and writing - Entschuldidung aber ich bin nur Kinderarzt started out as a present for her father and became more successful than anticipated.

These days, Kim tweets (@KimatSafkhet), socializes on Facebook, edits and publishes books with Safkhet Publishing, and dreams of visiting Alaska soon.

Smashwords Interview

Describe your desk
Oh dear, I have not actually seen my desk in months! Partly because it is covered in academic books, and partly because I prefer to work somewhere else. On the couch for example, next to my dog. Or at the beach on a bench with some wind ruffling my hair. In a cafe with a nice big steamy cup of coffee. Or on the plane... There is a very distant memory of my desk being a dark rosewood desk waiting for me in my office and probably missing me bumping into it all the time. I really don't like having to work without being allowed to put up my feet.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
erm... Did I grow up yet? I think someone forgot to inform me about this one. Now I am seriously disappointed.
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