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My favorite tropes are
Enemies to lovers
Daddy Romance
Dark ( the darker the better) I mean midnight
Small town (cowboys *gush*)
Reverse Harem
Dubcon/no con
Forced consent

I also love everything YA so whatever you got throw it at me. New to the reviewer world so always open to tips.🥰🥰🥰🥰🤪🤪🤪⬆️

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  • Creamed By My Brother In The Basement on Jan. 09, 2022

    This was super sexy and done very well. This was so taboo and I couldn’t get enough. I’ll definitely purchase another book in this series. 😍🥰
  • Way Too Taboo - Vol. 1: 6 Daddy Daughter Incest Stories on Jan. 30, 2022

    This book rocked !!
  • Way Too Taboo - Vol. 3: 6 Daddy Daughter Incest Stories on March 05, 2022

    These books are so darn hot they could melt your pants. I love the way one story bleeds into the next and the characters develop. This was kink galore and until I found this author I didn’t fully understand the pleasure of super taboo romance. I’ve read several things by this author and I will continue to purchase and recommend to a friend. Happy reading everyone 😘🥰😍😘
  • Way Too Taboo - Vol. 4: 6 Forced Gay Incest Stories on March 12, 2022

    This was a trip !!! It made me scream out loud like a legit loon. I went through a series of ups and downs as I read this book because I needed these men to get it together. The scenes were freaking hot and sexy and spicy. I couldn’t get enough from the beginning to the end !!! I can’t wait until I get another series by this author Neve Nox rocks !!
  • Way Too Taboo - Vol. 2: 6 Daddy Daughter Incest Stories on March 13, 2022

    Smoking hot, I went crazy and bought all the volumes. Guess you know what I’ve been doing this weekend. The scenes are smoking hot and as always the writing is done really well. One of the reasons I like this author is because she talks about the darker side of romantic relationships. These thing do happen in some peoples darkest fantasies and why not have it on the page as well. I recommended this to one of my friends but she’s not into reviewing. Let’s just say she couldn’t put this down either. Keep up the great work and keep the content coming.
  • Molested By Daddy Beside Sleeping Grandpa on May 25, 2022

    This was freaking hot and spicy and so complicated. Her father was a complete A-Hole but he sure knew how to F**K!! We can all hope that if you’re going to dance with the devil at-least he will give you orgasms. I read this and gifted it to a friend and she is a fan too !!
  • Jizzing In My Sleeping Sister To Give Mom A Baby on Aug. 15, 2022

    This book was smoking hot !! I recently got really into wicked taboo reads.I particularly love when someone is sleeping during or they are sleeping in the same room while it happens. It’s one thing for someone to be aware ,but while they are sleeping and their bodies can only focus on the pleasure is a great treat. I love everything Neve Nox. Her talent as fabulous writing makes this taboo but not sleazy. I hope others can give this a try as well.
  • Plowing My Gullible Sister To Test Her Tightness on Aug. 15, 2022

    What can I say that you already do not know about Neve. 1. Rockstar 2. Writing extraordinaire 3. Weaver of crazy story lines that work even though you know they shouldn’t. This was quick and dirty without the yuck factor. Our gullible little sis gets an education she didn’t know she needed. We get to play voyeurs to the show. This started off as non con and switched over to non con shortly after. This wasn’t brutal no one was hurt and all parties had fun. I’ll continue to read Neve’s books because it gives you the taboo without the blinding fear and I love that. Also the jokes inside every book make me laugh out loud.
  • Invaded by Vikings #1: A Dark Historical Story on Oct. 21, 2023

    Holy smokes Vikings plowing into a virgins hole in a voyeur setting. Sign me up please we all have wicked dreams sometimes and this story checks all my boxes. Neve Nox is an amazing author and she has a forever fan in me.
  • Pastor's Purity Test: Forbidden First Time Sex on June 02, 2024

    I have read this book so many times. It is actually a favorite of mine because of the voyeurism. It is by far one of my favorite kinks and this story gives it all. Also, Nikki Diamond makes the narration so intimate almost as if you are in the room with this very taboo duo.
  • Loaned $30k To My Niece Then Extorted Her For Anal on June 03, 2024

    Let me start by saying one of those worst things is dealing with the finances of a college student. It doesn’t matter how much money scholarships provide for tuition, affordable housing or your parents money. College is the place where magical expenses appear. In this case our FMC has a dad with a bad gambling habit. So his daughter borrows money from her loan shark uncle. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know just how sleazy these types of people can be. So after she makes her first measly payment her uncle explains she will either pay with her body or pay double. This book had no heroes but this was all purely consensual even if it wasn’t so ethical.
  • Used by Daddy While His Cult Watched on June 04, 2024

    You all know I love some voyeurism and in this setting it was wicked and just too freaking hot to stop. I read this in about 15 mins then went onto the next. These books can keep me up at night and I love it.
  • Daddy's Little F*ck Doll - Part One on July 04, 2024

    “I say hoo, baby (yep, I love you, bae) Bae, I love you, you my everything (this for you) slipped it your drink or whatever”Sexyy Red sung. Russell is just a human and unfortunately his urges got the better of him. He got a very taboo party drug from his friend who a chemist named Marcus. I wonder if Marcus and the scientists from Obey Him are friends. But onto the details this is book 1 of 3 and I am beyond ready for part 2. This started as a very taboo tale because the intended drinker of the party drug laced wine was his wife. It would have been wrong a little unethical. But his wife has no desire to drink the wine. No desire to make love at all and he thought. What would happen if he took matters into his own hands with a little tricky trick. What happens next creates a world of shenanigans like no other. His beautiful daughter comes down the stairs she takes a sip. Then she takes a gulp and she becomes loose as a goose with no shoes !! Then Sabrina can’t move and she’s realizing OMG was my daddy going to pull a fast one on mom. One thing leads to another and Sabrina his beautiful virgin daughter seems like she is ripe for the picking. The question is will he push this to the ultimate limit ??
  • Daddy's Little F*ck Doll - Part Two on July 09, 2024

    When Ricky Rossay said “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it” we were singing it in all the clubs. But when Russell does it the girl in question is none other than his beautiful daughter Sabrina. Sabrina doesn’t remember anything that took place the night before but now she has a surprise mark on her neck. Her cousin thinks it could be the ultimate and assumes the worse. Sabrina wouldn’t have an affair with her own daddy. The problem is we learned from book one her daddy isn’t afraid to have a rendezvous with his baby girl even if she doesn’t know it. Last time things stopped because he got nervous now he’s got a new found boost of adrenaline. Can he continue where he left off just the evening before and get his little doll back into bed. One drink later things are hitting the sheets again and this time other players are at work. Will Ole’ Russ from around the way be able to get away with his wicked deeds again in this super spicy part 2? As always the writing is so flip flopping great. The story is intense and the scenes could make a lady of the night blush 🥰🙌🏽😩!!
  • Used: Uncle Made Me Suck & F*ck on July 11, 2024

    Omg, this was the perfect after work read. I needed this unwinding with this little non con read. Of course I purchased part 2 and 3 as well. What do you do when your uncle is bribing you with a little action for his silence? I guess we will have to mess around and find out 🙌🏽
  • Free Use Of My Niece While Her Dad Watched on July 14, 2024

    I literally am blown away but this read. It felt like every time I knew it was going to calm down there was a new twist. What a freaking read… this also had one of my absolute favorites voyeurism and clean up !! Someone needed a bucket and mop for her WAP!!!
  • Railing My Sleeping Niece While Milking Her on July 14, 2024

    This was sexy and awkward and there were parts where you didn’t know what would happen next. What an awesome read. What would have made it even better is if the uncle cleaned her up.