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Born and educated in rural South Africa, Jeannette spent a year doing her OE.
Married at 20, she farmed with her husband, first in South Africa then left with their 5 children for farming life in New Zealand. Their family increased to 6 when their little 'kiwi' son was born. Life on the farm was busy and great fun, with the children riding horses, going to Pony Club, hunts and show jumping, plus rearing lambs and calves for Calf Club. The children had all left home when Jeannette lost her husband. She went back to South Africa for a short visit to spend time with a son and his family who were in business over there. The 'short visit' lengthened to 8 years. During this time she travelled back and forth between the two countries to catch up with her growing number of grandchildren in both countires. In between, she travelled extensively through Africa, Madagascar and the United States - doing her OE all over again. In between travels she started to follow her lifelong dream of writing. Jeannette took writing courses, read extensively, and did a successful course in Writing and Journalism offered by Brisbane University. It was during this time that her book 'Where the Morepork Calls', was born.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
What is the story about?
Kate has just returned home to New Zealand after and extended stay in London. The story centres around Kate’s conflict as she once more becomes involved with Malcolm Tennant, the man she ran away from, and the intrigue set up by two women in the firm, who for different reasons both hate Kate.
Delia, who successfully hides her drug addiction in a bid to win favour with Malcolm and Tania, jealous of Kate, nurses an ugly secret which goes back to her Kate’s childhood. Then there is Simon, Kate’s brother, whose company poses a threat to the company Malcolm heads.
The story moves from Auckland to China where Simon’s company becomes a target for industrial sabotage organised by Malcolm Tennant. In the middle of this Simon becomes trapped in a blizzard on Mt Tasman when a mountaineering venture goes seriously wrong.
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